Sunday, May 23, 2010

R&R...St. Louis

Quentin and I took a much needed St. Louis during his R&R. I honestly can't remember the last trip we have taken without the kids being with us. The only thing that we actually had planned was of course, a Cardinals baseball game, lol. The rest of the week was wide open and carefree.

We left on Sunday and just took our time driving down the interstate...enjoying the music on the radio, and the open road before us. We checked into our hotel, The Drury Plaza at The Arch, at about 3:30pm and just spent the evening relaxing in our room.

Day 2 brought shopping at Union Station, The Galleria, and Bass Pro Shop.....wandering through the Union Station Museum....and The Cardinals game. They won. And it was extremely cold...and rainy! Still can't believe I sat through 9 innings in the rain!

Albert Pujols batting at Busch Stadium...we had awesome seats by the way and sat by a couple from Benton, Arkansas...small world

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe at Union Station...we had an incredible waiter and awesome food!

Day 3 we started out at The Arch and I'm very pleased to say, that in spite of my extreme fear of tight places and heights, I went all the way to the top! 630 Feet....and an incredibly small tram to the top. The view was breathtaking! We also spent time at The Arch Museum and The Science Center & Planetarium. Lunch was at this charming little restaurant in Forest Park...The Boathouse....we skipped the paddle boats, but did enjoy the HUGE salad and dessert :) We ended our night trying our hand at the casino...Q played his first game of Craps on an actual casino table (instead of online) and I threw some money in the slots. Definitely was for entertainment purposes only and not something we do on a routine basis...matter of fact...haven't been in 15 years or more!

Me & Q at The Top Of The Arch.....630' in the air...whew!

View from the top of The Arch....that's Busch Stadium

My awesome picture of The Arch :)
Day 4 meant heading home, but we took advantage of the 11 o'clock check out and slept in one last time. We took an alternate route home and just took our time and enjoyed the easy, relaxed drive...knowing when we got home life would return to warp speed yet once again, and we would be that much closer to the day he has to leave and go back to Afghanistan.
{note: that day to head back has arrived and of course brings with it anxiety, fear, and sadness...prayers are always welcome}