Monday, March 25, 2013

{Happy Birthday To Me...40 List}

Today is my day...or so they Another year older and I hope a bit wiser. There's something about turning 39 that makes you start pondering your life...what you've accomplished...where you're headed. Taking my cue from Jenny, I decided to make a list. 40 things I would like to accomplish this year...before I turn 40. Wow! Typing that added a few more grey hairs! So...thought I would share my list with you guys. Feel free to encourage me along the journey or join in on your own journey.

1. Read through the ENTIRE Bible in process
2. Finish writing out the book of Psalms in process
3. Run a 5K   4/13/13 Falcon 5K Paragould, AR
4. Run a 10K
5. Run a Half-Marathon 11/23/13 Turkey Trot Half Marathon, Paragould, AR
6. Participate in the Color Run  4/6/13 in Springfield, MO
7. Organize ALL my photos
8. Visit the boutique "gingermichelle" in Macon, Georgia
9. Take a trip by train
10. Family trip to Six Flags
11. Attend the Miss America Pageant finals with Mallorye
12. Learn to make my own bread
13. Have an updated family picture made...on the beach :)
14. Ride a subway
15. Host a "Friendsgiving"

16. Learn piano...again
17. Go camping
18. Learn to set up a tent
19. Enjoy a weekend getaway with Q in a city we've never visited  July 4th Weekend in Kansas City
20. Write a book (I know...kind of a lofty goal)
21. Finish writing the 2 songs I've started
22. Go on a "Girlfriend Getaway"
23. Get to my ideal healthy weight
24. Host 12 different families over for a meal
25. Learn to change a flat tire

26. Learn to change the oil in my car
27. Attend a Razorback game with Blake
28. Keep a journal of 1,000 (& more) Gifts in process
29. Go para-sailing
30. Get my craft room set up & organized October 2013
31. Stay in the Treetop Cottages
32. Celebrate each holiday with extravagant enthusiasm
33. Encourage someone different each week
34. Ride a roller coaster with Mallorye
35. Have a professional 5 generation picture made
36. Minimize stuff & eliminate the need for a storage building
37. Document the year...Project Life style
38. Complete Jen Hatmakers "Seven" Challenge
39. Attend the "Leading & Loving It" Retreat in Nashville
40. Take my mom zip-lining

Some of these goals are lofty...most take planning...but all of them are completely doable!
Hopefully, I will keep you guys updated on my progress :)

Here's to Rockin' the 30's out and ushering in the 40's!