Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{Currently in September}

Can you believe that it's September?!? This year is quickly slipping away and I don't want to even count how many days there are till Christmas...112 if you really want to know :)

Current Read: At the suggestion of my worship pastor, I just started reading, Love & Respect. I've looked at this book for years, but just now have I started reading it. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Current Playlist: Don't faint...but I've actually been enjoying the silence. I'm not even listening to the radio in my van on most days.

Current Drink: Water! with a scoop of Spark from Advocare.

Current Food: Chicken...any way you can fix it (except fried)

Current Favorite Favorite: MapMyRun This app is changing my life. It's very rewarding...and see you're activity in black/white.

Current Addiction: Running...I'm certain my friends are tired of me talking about running, but I love it, even though I'm not very fast, nor am I very good at it...but who cares?! I {heart} running :)

Current Wish List: {This hasn't changed! Someone get these for me!! Please....}These CWX Running Shorts are still on my wish list and most likely will stay there until I buy them...but I'm also really liking the Zaggora pants. I kind of need them, but the price! Oh my.

Current Need: A week off to get my storage building cleaned out....ugh

Current Triumph: Losing 3 pounds :)

Current Annoyance: People who complain, but then do nothing to change their circumstance.

Current Indulgence:  Energy Bites..these things are yummy and I have to remind myself, that although they're a healthy treat, you can't eat the whole batch at one time {raw oats, flax seed, coconut, mini chocolate chips, honey, peanut butter}

Current Mood: up at 5:30 to get my run on.

Current Blessing:  My husband is home till October. Although it's for a layoff and money is tight, I'm choosing to see this as a time to reconnect as a family.

Current Outfit: Running Capris, Pink Tank Top, Mizzuno Tennis Shoes {just finished running}

Current Excitement: My first Trail Run this weekend.

Current Project: Which one? Since hubby is home we have a list of "honey do's" on the fridge we're trying to work through together.

Current plans for the day: Work! and watching Miss Olivia this evening so her mommy & daddy can get their homework finished.

Current link: Kelly's Korner {fellow Arkansas Blogger}...I love reading this blog. She is so down to earth and a godly example for young wives and moms...and she's in Arkansas ya'll!