Sunday, April 26, 2009

Labor of Love

Saturday morning our Praise Team went and ministered to some of our own....Randy, Teresa, & JR suffered quite a bit of damage to their trees and property during the January ice storm ...and as a team and family, we wanted to love on them and help get it cleaned up....the guys showed up at 7:30am...and Jenny & I came out at 9am with breakfast!

Randy & Teresa...Randy is our band leader and plays acoustic guitar for us and Teresa is a vocalist in our Praise Band...their son JR, also plays guitar for our band and helps in the Youth Band...offering guidance & leadership to "tomorrows worship team."

...our fearless leader, Mike...doing what he does best :)

"hey Jen, like those gloves..."

"I have a pair just like 'em...."

Let me tell ya...we worked just as hard as the guys...we have the scrapes to prove it...and man, what a smell of laundry.....seriously, I loved hangin' out and doing ministry with this gal....

Me & Quentin....the family that does ministry together...stays together...

Blake was in Heaven...we let him drive the himself...and drag up the tree limbs that were too big to drag by hand...he was a trooper...never complaining and working just as hard as the big guys....
Men at Work.....
Roger got the privilege of dumping mine & Jenny's wheel barrow full of brush...that fire was HOT!! ...and he was a gentleman..thanks Rog!

Billy....the official chain saw man...he kept the big limbs cut up so we could toss them in the fire...everyone had a part to do and none of us could've done it alone..that's the beauty of a team...working together to accomplish a goal ...
After a hard day of work, we were all ready for a break....but where to go??? Pebble Beach...aka Andy & Jen's....

Andy had to work at his paying job Saturday morning, but he was kind enough to have us all over and BBQ some burgers and dogs for us...

Roger & Quentin...just relaxin'.... the April!!

Hannah...I mean look at that face...don't ya just wanna eat her up!?

...boys and their toys....

Becky was probably the smartest one of the bunch...she didn't even bring her swimming suit....I'm sure she's updating Facebook ;)...and starting on the last book in the Twilight Series...Breaking Dawn....her own little relaxation...
Me & Blake...can't believe I'm putting this on here...but wanted proof I actually swam in April...why? because I'm crazy...that's why....
and there ya have it....our day at Pebble Beach...I love hangin' with my praise team family...these people are a ton of fun and love Jesus....we have a blast together....I think this is what Christ talks about in the New Testament...doing life together....

Prom Night

Here's some pictures from Malloye's point of view at Prom...and before....

Arent' they beautiful??! Molly, Hailey, Janae, Amie, Mallorye, & Jonna

Mal is fortunate to have a great bunch of friends, who love to laugh and have fun...this picture is so typical of them...just being crazy! Check out Molly's hot pink Converse...(those would be what Mal wanted to wear)...I'm glad they were able to have a great time together.

I think they were trying to be sassy.....

....and then sweet.....

Jonna & Mallorye...these girls have played ball (softball & volleyball) together most of their lives.

Ashley & Mallorye....think they're getting tired??

Hailey & Mallorye...they've been best friends throughout high school....they've played on the same softball team...the same volleyball team...and both their dads have been to Iraq...two very super sweet girls with a world of potential awaiting them...

Kathryn & Mallorye....these girls have been friends forever too...and also have played volleyball and softball together....Kathryn's dad Ken, and I, coached the girls softball team for many...many years and Kathryn has shared a couple of vacations with us....I can't believe how much they've both grown up...I look at this picture and think..."WOW! Where has time gone?"

Mallorye & Janae.....once again, a volleyball teammate and awesome friend. These girls have pulled off some pretty cool pranks at WalMart...all in good fun of course....

Mallorye & Maggie...yes, she plays volleyball with Mal too! I'm tellin' ya...the girl is blessed with some friends!! Which is a great thing...for where there are friends..there are memories!
We gave her a 3am curfew, but she came home at 1am...I'm pretty proud of her and the fact that I can trust her to do what she says. I know she was part of the Prom Committee, she had spent many hours this past week getting decorations ready and then tearing it all down on Friday night after the last song had played. In the words of Mal..."it took 18 hours to put the decorations up..and 1 hour to tear it all down."

Jonna, Ashley, Savannah, Amie, & Mallorye...waiting for the official Prom pictures...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just A Glimpse...

Just thought I'd share a few quick pix of Mallorye...tonight is PHS Prom...her first time to go...I think she was a little nervous, but she looks gorgeous.
During hair (courtesy of Elisha) and before make up....

gorgeous....I love the touch of pink in her hair....
isn't she stunning?? She wasn't too happy about her shoes...she really wanted to get Black Converse sneakers...but didn't get them for her...honestly...I didn't realize it was a big deal until today...and I could tell that she really wanted them...Next year, if she wants Converse, she'll get Converse....lesson learned.

I love this photo! The hot pink Gerber Daisy was an afterthought of sorts, but I'm so glad we did is so...Mallorye!

I'm tellin' ya....I can't say enough how beautiful she is tonight!!
Now the prayers start...prayers for her safety and that she'll have a blast....I sent the camera with her, so hopefully I'll have some cute photos to share with ya tomorrow...and yes, she is going alone...or rather..going with a group of friends, which will be way more fun I'm sure.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Acts Of Kindness

I know you're probably thinking that this is a strange and random picture, but let me tell you the story behind it. This huge plant I inherited from my great-grandmother has needed re-potting ever...I've whined about it. Complained about it. Pondered it. Well, today when I got home....hubby had bought a new planter and re-potted it HIMSELF! I hadn't even mentioned it in quite a yeah...I'm impressed....can you tell that "acts of service" is his love language??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

There Is Hope....

This post is for all you moms of infants, preschoolers, and school-aged munchkins...there is hope. One of the best things about parenting two teenagers, is that they like to do their own thing. Friday nights usually mean that our children have something they want to do...ballgames, parties, friends...anything but hang out with mom & dad. This used to make me so sad, but lately, I've learned to embrace this time and see it for the blessing it is. Last night, Mallorye was babysitting at the Beasley's and Blake had a slumber party at one of his we had our Friday Night Date Night...which has become a pretty standard thing on Friday Nights.

Pay no attention to the double chin, tshirts, and lack of make up....this was a comfy date...

...and really what says comfy date like Zaxby's Chicken???

dinner and a movie....we seen the new movie "The River Within"...which was written, produced, & directed by one of Paragoulds own...Zac Heath...and most of the movie was actually shot on location in Paragould...pretty cool if you ask me. It really is a great movie about finding the inner source of Christ...if you get a chance to see this it...very wholesome, Christian entertainment with a great meaning.

After the movie, where yes, I did consume an entire tub of buttered popcorn, we headed bed by! Is that a sign of our age?? So yeah, you'll make it to the teen years when weekly dates aren't such a struggle...and you'll be so exhausted that you'll think dinner & a movie is the most awesome date you've ever had..because you can be in bed by 10pm.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mallorye's New Ride

Since before Mallorye turned 16, she has wanted a silver Jeep Liberty. And since we haven't found the money tree in our backyard...I could've sworn I planted one....we haven't been able to indulge that dream....till now...sort of. An opportunity to purchase my cousins Liberty came knockin' on our door a few weeks ago....and he financed it. So now Mal is the proud owner of a "blue" (hey, sometimes you gotta give a little) Jeep Liberty....and has her first bill....because in the effort of teaching fiscal responsibility, she will be paying her payment & insurance....$100 a month for the truck payment and $92 a month for insurance...not bad.
Now for the pictures!

Mallorye & her new ride

Full Frontal

She loves the fact that it has a Mossy Oak steering wheel cover

A little southern attitude

...and a pink butterfly to show her "girly" side

About to take off on her first drive in it....I love that it dings until she puts her seat belt on :)

I have to say, she really is a good kid who deserved a break..and hopefully this will serve her, all the way through college would be nice!!

" Ok Mom, I'm shutting the door can quit taking pictures...really, I gotta go"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I's midway through the week and I'm just now getting around to posting about Easter...but I am getting around to it....

First, to make Amanda feel better, I did not purchase new clothing for the kids, buy Easter candy or baskets, and I didn't even go to my moms!!

I did however, pray for 850 people to attend our church.....we had 703. I'm happy with that. We normally run around 400-500 people, so it was exciting to see an increase. I was at all 3 services and I can say that God really showed up and it was just awesome to see Him moving among the people. There was an excitement in the God was free to move. I love it when it's like that.

My mom lives about an hour away...which isn't bad...but when you get out of church at 12:30 have to be back by just seemed that we would barely get to mom's and have to turn around and come back... So, we opted to stay in Paragould.
We have many incredible friends and one couple in particular, invited us for Easter lunch at their house....they provided everything! Ham, potatoes, Mexican chicken, rolls, dessert (yummo), treat bags for the big kids, and even a pinata for the little kids. There were 5 couples and their kiddos and they made each of us feel special and loved on. My church family is much like my family and I absolutely love that! Shannon took pictures of each family as we arrived (which I want a copy of Misty), served was just a great time to be loved on. I didn't get many pictures...I was too busy relaxing and enjoying the company...but here's a few to satisfy.

Joshua and Jacob taking a spin...they had a blast with this little car

Lane taking a swing at the pinata....yes, he broke it!

London having a meltdown...she wasn't too happy about the pinata being broke...but she was better after her sack was full of candy ;)

Jacob showing his humorous side
No, I didn't take any pictures of my kids...why?...because I'm trying to steal Mother-Of-The-Year Award from Amanda ;)