Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I's midway through the week and I'm just now getting around to posting about Easter...but I am getting around to it....

First, to make Amanda feel better, I did not purchase new clothing for the kids, buy Easter candy or baskets, and I didn't even go to my moms!!

I did however, pray for 850 people to attend our church.....we had 703. I'm happy with that. We normally run around 400-500 people, so it was exciting to see an increase. I was at all 3 services and I can say that God really showed up and it was just awesome to see Him moving among the people. There was an excitement in the God was free to move. I love it when it's like that.

My mom lives about an hour away...which isn't bad...but when you get out of church at 12:30 have to be back by just seemed that we would barely get to mom's and have to turn around and come back... So, we opted to stay in Paragould.
We have many incredible friends and one couple in particular, invited us for Easter lunch at their house....they provided everything! Ham, potatoes, Mexican chicken, rolls, dessert (yummo), treat bags for the big kids, and even a pinata for the little kids. There were 5 couples and their kiddos and they made each of us feel special and loved on. My church family is much like my family and I absolutely love that! Shannon took pictures of each family as we arrived (which I want a copy of Misty), served was just a great time to be loved on. I didn't get many pictures...I was too busy relaxing and enjoying the company...but here's a few to satisfy.

Joshua and Jacob taking a spin...they had a blast with this little car

Lane taking a swing at the pinata....yes, he broke it!

London having a meltdown...she wasn't too happy about the pinata being broke...but she was better after her sack was full of candy ;)

Jacob showing his humorous side
No, I didn't take any pictures of my kids...why?...because I'm trying to steal Mother-Of-The-Year Award from Amanda ;)

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Amber said...

Girl...I'll share my Mother-of-the-Year Award with you anyday!!!