Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Trail Running...Metaphor for Life?}

This morning I took off on a long trail run and had no idea how God would use that run to show me some things....not necessarily new things, but just a reminder.

I started around 9:15am and ran for an hour and a half....when I started I was confident, strong, excited about the journey ahead, but here are just a few things I learned along the way...

*Attitude is important. Believing in yourself is more than half the battle. Running is difficult on some days. Life is hard. Meeting the challenges with a smile and determined heart goes a long way in finding success.

*Be prepared. Half way through my run this morning, I realized I only brought one bottle of water and it was hot! I was able to make a pitstop at the Ranger Station and refill my bottle, but it cost me some time. 

*There will be obstacles. Life is full of obstacles (just as in trail running)....things put in your path to trip you up and slow you down. You can choose to allow that to derail you, or you can move right through it. I find that plowing through is empowering and gives you courage to keep going.

*There's help along the way :) In the form of a bridge...a friend...God's word. Don't be afraid to utilize the help that God puts out there for you.

*The easy way isn't always the best way. It's tempting to take shortcuts and look for easy outs, but God likes to teach us through the difficult circumstances. The journey may be hard, but it's so worth it.

*Don't miss the unexpected beauty. One thing I've learned is not to get so caught up in life that I forget to live. Beauty is everywhere if you just open your eyes.

*Don't quit. You will make it. It was at this point in my run that I was certain I might die. LOL. I wondered if I could even finish. I was so exhausted from the heat and the hills. I was tempted to just stop and wait to be rescued. But...there was that voice inside me that said keep going, you've got this...and so, I did.

...and I was met with this last challenge.
*Success is just around the corner...just past the challenge in front of you. If I had quit here, I wouldn't have finished...all I had to do was climb these stairs and I was there.

*Leave it all on the table. I finished. I gave everything I had and was spent physically and emotionally. I held nothing back. 

{Run With Perseverance}

Training is tough. There are days I don't feel like lacing up my tennis shoes...there are days that it's rainy...days where it's hot (& humid). But I keep going. I will not give up. I will reach my goals.

My favorite thing I endure...running bleachers!

No excuses....running in the rain...which I have to say, actually makes summer runs more enjoyable. Living in Arkansas, the humidity can be brutal, but usually a morning rain will keep the humidity down at least temporarily.

Even in the rain...this is a gorgeous track to run.

Sometimes I bring it inside and do a little elliptical training. I hear people say how they love this machine...I on the other hand, have a very strong love/hate relationship with it. I love that it burns mega calories and works my butt and legs like no other...but I hate how brutal it can be.

Sometimes you just need a friend to push you....Jen is the best at this! She always pushes me further than I think I can go and sometimes I hate her for it...LOL...but I love her for it :)

Keep going...Don't quit!

You won't get there sitting on the couch! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

{Currently In August}

Current Read: I've not been as disciplined with my reading over the Summer and actually kind of miss it. Hopefully, now that school is back in session, I will get back to reading on a daily basis. So...right now, I'm STILL reading "Second Wind" a memoir by Cami Ostman. I am stinking it up on trying to stay up to date on my Own It 365 daily Bible reading and I'm also reading Danielle Steele's newest book, First Sight, a story about what

Current Playlist: I have to say, I'm really enjoying Florida Georgia Line...I even tried to win tickets for their October show.

Current Color: Tan/Blue/Green...thinking of changing my living room to this color scheme :)

Current Drink: Water! Seriously...I think I'm floating!

Current Food: Ice Cold Grapes...fave snack right now.

Current Favorite Favorite: 

Current Addiction: Running...I'm really starting to enjoy running and hate when I miss a day.

Current Wish List: These CWX Running Shorts are still on my wish list and most likely will stay there until I buy them...but I'm also really liking the Zaggora pants. I kind of need them, but the price! Oh my.

Current Need: Money! Blake's senior year might just kill me...or at least my pocketbook.

Current Triumph: Actually blocking myself off from singing and taking a weekend off to go to the lake.

Current Annoyance: Instability

Current Indulgence: Me Time. I've learned that life is a little happier if momma takes time for herself and I've been doing a great job of making sure to carve out time for myself lately.

Current Mood: Exhausted. This has been a long day.

Current Blessing: My recent mini-vacation, courtesy of my BFF.

Current Outfit: Jean Capris, Pensacola Beach Tee (from Brandi), and bare feet!

Current Excitement: Getting back into a routine after the lazy days of summer.

Current Project: I still need to work on my scrapbook room...maybe I'll get it finished before Christmas.

Current plans for the day: The day is almost plans are to fill out school paperwork, read, and sleep!!!

Current link: Runner's World...getting serious about this running thang!