Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Survived!!

Wow! What a week?! We survived our first week of school...I'm not sure who had more adjusting to do...the kids...or me. I've attended two Open Houses this week...two athletic cookouts (one for volleyball, and one for all sports)...Mallorye has been to two dances and Blake went to two different swim parties...and we caught the first football game of the season. Both kids have incredible teachers this year and I think it's going to be just a great time. We all made it on time this week without any major complaining, and aside for the one day that Blake ran out without his lunch, nobody forgot anything. This week starts volleyball games for Mal and football practices for Blake, so high gear is fast approaching. I'll try to keep you up to speed. And, I promise I'll get first day pics up as soon as possible!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

God Is So KEWL!

As you all know...Q was traveling to Ur yesterday via Blackhawk...AND I'm sure that you didn't miss the news that one went down, which happened to be near the area Q was traveling and close to the same time. Naturally, my emotions tried to best logical side knew he was fine...but I couldn't shake that nagging feeling of "what if?" Here's the totally kewl part... Q called me last night around 11pm, even though he had told me it'd be at least 5 days before he would have access to a phone or email. He said the Chaplain told him he needed to call his wife and let her know he was ok in light of the days events.There was no reason for him to actually call, but the Chaplain felt compelled to tell Q to call me. What's awesome about that? Well, some dear friends of ours were praying at 10:30 pm that Q would somehow find a way to get a message to me that all was well with him and ease my anxiety. Isn't God just good! God prompted that encounter, no doubt. My God Rockz!!! Answered prayer in less than an hour. I love it! And I love my God!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where Faith Walked

I start my 5-day stretch today....5 days without talking to Q. His ship finally came in...ok, not a was a Blackhawk...and it's carrying him to the City of Ur. I think it is so incredible that he's getting to visit the ancient city where Abraham, father of our faith, was born. I wonder if any of that faith will rub off on Q?? I hate not getting to talk to him every day, but I know this is something he really wanted to get to do. He's been attending a Bible study there at the base, led by one of the Chaplains, about all the different cities in Iraq. Their biblical significance and what the modern day city is. Such as Mosul is the ancient city of Nineveh (I think that's right...Q will correct me if I'm It's neat to see how it all fits together and to see God's hand at work. I think the most interesting to me, is that ancient Babylon is the current city of Baghdad. Oh, the significance in that...makes sense why they have some of the issues they have and why their leaders have been the power/control seeking people that they've been. Ok, off my soapbox. I'm praying that God gives Quentin an incredible and memorable journey. Just the privilege of walking on the same ground where the great men of our faith walked and fleshed out their faith is just so amazing! Hopefully, he'll get some cool pix and get them uploaded to his blog...I know he's not real consistent at the blogging...but you gotta admit, when he does, they are worth the read.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back To School

Woo Hoo!! All parents are doing the happy dance right now!! We are gearing up for the first day tomorrow. I'm not overly excited about getting up early, but I love the routine that school demands. I'm a routine kinda person...a little OCD about it actually...and when the kids are in school they have to be on a schedule to get it all done. I think we're ready...backpacks are ready...clothes laid are getting baths now...all that's left is packing lunch for Blake. We've spent the week making sure we have all the supplies they need and of course all the coolest clothes. Mallorye actually purchased some of her own things this year with money she'd earned over the summer babysitting and working at ball tournaments. Learning the value of the dollar. Blake actually wanted some pullover shirts and casual shoes...for those that know Blake...this is huge! Mostly his wardrobe...ok, t-shirts, gym shorts, and tennis shoes. No primping for this macho dude. Well, change is in the air! He even went and had his eyebrows know the part in the middle that sometimes grows together. I did not suggest this...he WANTED to do it..and he'll probably hate me for posting it on the WWW...oh well. Anyway, they both are ready...Mal even has her 2 summer reading projects completed and reports printed out. We got this thing! I'll post pix and update on the first day later this week. Pray for all the students, teachers, bus drivers, and administration.


Decision has been made....Q has decided to NOT stay in he will be coming home at the end of September with the rest of the battalion. I am so relieved that decision is behind us and we can now start making preparations for HOMECOMING!! I have to admit, I'm a little nervous....our finances will change...our routines will dynamics will change...but, I'm also excited to get to do life with my husband again. So many things I've had to do cheering our kids at ballgames and teaching Mal to, my better whole will be by my side, helping me. I can assure you that we are much better as a team than flying solo. At least I am. He keeps me grounded and completes me. So tonight, I let out a huge sigh of releif....exhale...we are on the homestretch.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hold That Thought

Ok....many of you have heard the let me set the record straight. Yes, we're celebrating the end of this deployment....36 or so days to go....but Quentin and I have a huge decision to make. Well, more Q than me. There is an opportunity for Q to stay in Iraq for another year, at a different base, doing a different job. Nothing dangerous. Just different than what he's been doing. So, even though "post-deployment" has a nice ring, as with all things military, it is subject to least for this family. How do I feel? Obviously I miss my husband and want him home, but I'm ready to support him through this, if it's what he chooses to do. I've learned that I'm stronger than I give myself credit for and I'm certain that our family can brave another year if needed. I will stand by my matter the choice. So, all you prayer warriors out there...pray that we make the best decision for our family and the one that God wants for us. If this is His will...may it all fall into place....if it's not His will, I pray he slams the door shut on the opportunity. deployment...hold that thought for just a while longer.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

15 Years....

....of wedded bliss! Wow! I can't believe it....this time 15 years ago I was arriving at my honeymoon destination with my wonderful husband, without a clue of all that was in store for us along this journey. We've battled with the sea monster....ran into a few rocks...endured rough waters....sailed along on friendly seas....and seen our share of volcanic eruptions (those who've been a part of the new sermon series can relate to the still here we are. We may have been battered, bruised and scarred...but we have not been beaten. God has strengthened our relationship through each of our circumstances and not one tear has been wasted. Today, on our anniversary, I want to take a moment just to give my hubby a plug. Quentin, you are an incredible man of God...your integrity is unfaltering and your love unfailing. I'm so excited that YOU are the person that I get to grow old with...not who I have to ....but who I want to and get to. That's exciting to me. I love you, Quentin! Here's to the next 15 years...they're going to be incredible!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

College? Already?

It's a little late...but I didn't want to leave you hangin' you can see, I did not melt. The HVAC dude showed up this morning and by early afternoon we finally had air. It's still playing catch up, but sooooo much better than last night. It actually got up to 90 degrees in the house! Wow! It wasn't a completely horrible night...Mal and I used the time at home to surf the web and start looking at some colleges for her. I know it's 3 years away, but we want to be prepared and give her every opportunity to get into the college of her choice. We have 3 in the running right now, with Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio as the number one pick....aka the most expensive one. Imagine that! LOL! The goal is a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and at least a Minor in Missions. She really wants to Double Major...but that is A TON of school. So far, she has her head screwed on straight and seems to know the direction she's heading. I realize things could change, but at least there's a goal out there to strive for. Hard to believe my baby girl is old enough to even consider college.....where does the time go?