Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where Faith Walked

I start my 5-day stretch today....5 days without talking to Q. His ship finally came in...ok, not a was a Blackhawk...and it's carrying him to the City of Ur. I think it is so incredible that he's getting to visit the ancient city where Abraham, father of our faith, was born. I wonder if any of that faith will rub off on Q?? I hate not getting to talk to him every day, but I know this is something he really wanted to get to do. He's been attending a Bible study there at the base, led by one of the Chaplains, about all the different cities in Iraq. Their biblical significance and what the modern day city is. Such as Mosul is the ancient city of Nineveh (I think that's right...Q will correct me if I'm It's neat to see how it all fits together and to see God's hand at work. I think the most interesting to me, is that ancient Babylon is the current city of Baghdad. Oh, the significance in that...makes sense why they have some of the issues they have and why their leaders have been the power/control seeking people that they've been. Ok, off my soapbox. I'm praying that God gives Quentin an incredible and memorable journey. Just the privilege of walking on the same ground where the great men of our faith walked and fleshed out their faith is just so amazing! Hopefully, he'll get some cool pix and get them uploaded to his blog...I know he's not real consistent at the blogging...but you gotta admit, when he does, they are worth the read.

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