Wednesday, July 21, 2010


An impromptu photo shoot with Adrienne
Her mom said, she looked cute & we should take some pictures...
so we did!

My favorite!

a little overexposed, but still a cute picture...

I like the angle of this one...just a slight tilt of the camera...

Another great angle....

I enjoyed just playing with the camera...professional I am not, but I'm learning. I can't wait till August gets here and I start my digital photography class at our local university. I'll be a crazy picture snapping fool when I learn what all these buttons do! So for now...enjoy my impropmptu photo shoots....

July Birthdays

Two of my favorite people had birthdays this month.
You guessed it....Mallorye & Blake.

Mallorye turned 18 on July 2

She stands tall at 5'10" growing her hair out long.....learning to cook...heading to college...preparing to be a wife....buying her first house with her fiance'...

She is coming into her own person...doesn't mind debating with torn between that place of youth & adulthood...still has an incredible heart for tenderhearted....forgiving....and is learning love in its purest form

Blake turned 15 on July 18
and at 6'3", he towers over his older sister...he loves his shaggy hair...shaves on a regular basis....and is starting to get some muscle definition (at least in his arms)...and he's driving now...
He is a worker...never backs down from good hard outdoorsman in every sense of the word....a little bit of an adventure junkie....hates it when he lets people down....caring...kind...compassionate...yet still trying to find out who he is in this world
Adrienne & Alicia...
two of our best friends who came to Chili's to celebrate Blake's birthday...they also came to Brick Oven to celebrate Mal's ...but guess who forgot her camera!

Aunt Liz & Blake...she's like a sister to me and loves my kids as if they were her own.

Blake & Alicia...don't you just love how he towers over EVERYBODY...even the adults!
We had a great time celebrating Blake's birthday at Chili's and Mallorye's at Brick Oven earlier in the month. These kids are so loved by everyone around them and I know they have an amazing year ahead of them :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

What Brings You Joy?

I was asked a tough question this past week....what brings me true joy? It saddened me that I had to think about the answer and couldn't just spout of a million things. It made me realize that somewhere in the middle of this thing called life, amidst deployments, teenagers, and life changes, I've lost sight of that spark. I've allowed myself to be beat down by the negativity and have forgotten to embrace the smell of the roses.

So....I've been thinking of that question and here are a few of my answers;

My family brings me true joy.
I'm happiest when surrounded by my children, my husband, my sister, my mom, my get the family. I love just hanging out in our living room laughing with each other, sharing our days adventures, cuddling, and just being us.
Singing brings me true joy.
I don't just sing the songs....I feel the songs. Since I was a little girl, I've loved the art of losing myself in song. It's like I get to feel all these emotions that I've buried and no one looks at me like I'm crazy. Sometimes I sing well...other times not so much...but it doesn't matter when you sing with passion.
Scrapbooking brings me true joy.
Creating something that captures the memories is very satisfying for me. Searching for the perfect placement of pictures and elements to complement the pictures....well, let's just say its somewhat of an And while we're at it....
Photography brings me true joy.
Whether it's me snapping the pictures or admiring the artistry of other great photographers, there is something about capturing that one moment, frozen in time forever, in a simple photograph. I'm actually signed up for a photography class in August and can't wait to learn some actual skills and play with the camera.
My friends bring me true joy.
I'm so blessed by some of the most amazing friends! When I don't get to spend time soaking up their laughter...I miss heart misses it.
Neat & organized pantries bring me true joy.
I know...that's weird...a little OCD...and not very typical, but I get a sense of peace, calm, and satisfaction when I look into my pantry and see everything neat and tidy in perfect rows. Even typing that seems a little sick...but, hey...that's who I am.
Long drives on Saturday to nowhere in particular brings me true joy.
I love taking a on or off (doesn't matter)..and just driving around in the country taking in the sights of the freshly planted fields or rows of trees or even rows of houses. I do some of my best thinking in the car and often can find clarity to some deep burning issue by just taking a drive.

These are just a few of the things that bring me joy. I'm making a conscience effort to notice what brings me that sense of peace & happiness and embrace those moments.

What brings you joy? True joy?