Monday, December 31, 2012

{Happy New Year}

So tomorrow starts a brand new year....Hello 2013!
Where did the year go? I'm not sure, but kinda glad to just put that baby to bed. I love the beginning of a new year...a chance to try again with a fresh, clean slate.
I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions....I hate that they seem so cliche', but love setting goals and trying to reach them throughout the year. I don't always succeed, but it at least gives me a target to shoot are the 2013 goals:
*finish writing out the book of Psalm
*memorize (for real) Psalm 139
*log 500 walking/jogging miles
*compete in 6 races, 5k or longer
*get strong, healthy, & lighter
*document life (using Project Life, photography, & journaling)
*go on a solo weekend trip (this was the best thing I did in 2012)
*monthly date night (create date envelopes to help Q with ideas)
*nightly deviotional/prayer time by phone
*go on 2 weekend trips, just us
*pray daily for Quentin
*media free zone when Q is home on weekends (FB, Pinterest, Twitter, etc)
*read 2 books on marriage
*sit down at table for dinner with Blake & connect nightly
*pray with Blake each night before bed (never too late to start)
*tour UAM college with Blake
*encourage Blake to find job & help him set a budget to buy a truck
*help Mallorye organize her house
*keep Olivia twice a month overnight to allow Mal & Matt time alone
*Sunday Dinner with our immediate family
*go on a family vacation
*find a small group to join
*send encouraging text to Praise Team each week
*send a hand-written note of encouragement to someone each week
*visit my mom & Jack once a month just because
*have a friend date once a month
*visit extended family once a month..alternating people (Mema, dad, Rudy/Carolyn, Tiff, Liz, etc)
*invite extended family for dinner 4x over the year...just because
*blog twice a week minimum
*execute BRAG business plan
*blog photo shoots within a week of shoot
*adhere to a strict NO WORK policy for Sundays
*renew nurses license
*take 1 continuing education class
*create budget & live by it
*set up an emergency savings account & put $2500 in it
*set a Christmas budget & stick to it
*purchase a "new-to-us" economical vehicle
Ok, I know this all looks like alot, but it's all doable...well...there may be a few stretches {grin}. What good are goals if they don't stretch you a little though?
So, here's to a new year of possibilities, adventures,
 experiences, and memories!
 It's gonna be a sweet ride!