Friday, September 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I thought I would finally jump back in with Meredith's challenge to post 10 things on the 10th of the month.

In remembrance of 9/11, I thought I would post 10 things I remember about that day;

1. I was at work when the announcement came over the radio. We all went upstairs to watch the horror on the television. It was unbelievable.

2. Shortly after the 2nd tower fell, I went to my children's school and picked them up. We went home where we watched the news coverage and sobbed in each others arms. We stayed there for 3 days while I tried to explain to our children as best I could what was going on, while we watched Quentin get his military gear together for possible mobilization as every unit was on alert.

3. I remember knowing that this event would forever change America.

4. I also remember thinking..."my husband is going to have to go to war." This was a profound thought considering he is National Guard and up to this point, they mainly took care of natural disasters, but somehow I knew. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

5. I remember the eery silence of the skies as all air traffic was halted across the world.

6. Cell phones were jammed and it was hard to get through to family, but I kept trying, because I wanted them to know I loved them.

7. My Uncle Rudy was at the Pentagon & it took him 4 days to get out of DC and home to us. 4 agonizing days of worry.

8. Prayer vigils quickly popped up all over the world and our church was no different. I remember praying like I never had before for our nation that was apparently under attack. Praying for the safety of all of us, for our military, our President, for those that lost loved ones in this attack....praying desperately and fervently.

9. I remember the images from NYC that kept flashing across the television...forever seared in my mind as a reminder that America is not invincible.

10. I was forever changed that day. I have a much larger sense of patriotism and love for my country. I don't take things for granted as much. My husband is on his 2nd overseas tour because of that day & I've learned that life really does change in the blink of an eye.

What do you remember?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From The Ground Up Challenge

Becky Higgins has been offering up photo challenges this week and this one was to shoot from the ground. The perfect opportunity presented itself when we got our first rain in what seems like FOREVER! I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy...oh, who are we kidding...they know I'm crazy. Anyway, I had Mallorye hold an umbrella over me (& my camera) while I got down on the ground to shoot this shot in the rain.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Rodney & Angie}

Just a few of my favorite pics from the wedding friend Amy & I, shot this wedding last night...our first joint effort...these are just a few of my favorites so far....

{the dress}

{Angie....the beautiful bride}

(Angie & her dad, Jack....looking into the sunset}

{the bridesmaids}

I'm pleased. The pictures aren't perfect, and there are a ton that no one will ever see, but I learned something with every snap of the shutter and that's what it's about...learning & improving.

Stay tuned...Project Life to resume soon :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photography 101

How about a real post? Sort

I'm taking a Digital Photography Class at our local university and I'm so excited!! Nervous. But excited. Last night was our first class and I literally can't wait to get started on homework assignments. I'm a little nervous about being critiqued in a group setting, but it's worth it to see my photography skills improve. I love the challenge of finding a unique way to photograph something, not just the same thing that's been done and overdone. Most of the assignments seem simple enough (except I'm not allowed to use the Auto, but there's one that's going to take some major thought and creativity. {take a picture of a "what is it?" aka as abstract or you can take a picture of something that represents Seven to you} That is going to be a challenging assignment to say the least.

Last nights lecture was on Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO...and all that technical mind boggling stuff! I took 6 pages of notes, so I'm hoping something sunk least a little bit.

This weekend I'll get to practice some of what I learned last night as I photograph my step-sister's wedding at their house. It's an outdoor wedding and I can imagine that it's going to be fabulous! I have a friend going with me as a second set of eyes and she'll be shooting as well...we both love photography and I think we're both pretty, we'll see...

I'll probably be posting my assignment pictures along the way and welcome your comments!

{25/365} Project Life

{ Me at work...where I spend more time than any other place}