Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I haven't done this in a while, but seeing as it's the last one for a while hosted by Meredith...I thought I'd join in :)

10 Things I Really Must Do This Week
  1. Declutter my blogroll (this has been bugging me for a while)
  2. Finish writing my AWM article (it's due Friday)
  3. Mail some Thank You's that are way overdue!
  4. Finish reading "God Strong" (we're supposed to wrap up this week)
  5. Wrap Mallorye's Christmas Shower gifts (the shower is Saturday)
  6. Make Christmas Letter list (I'm scaling down this year...way down)
  7. Write our Christmas Letter
  8. Update my Dayplanner
  9. Update Matt & Mal's scrapbook (really need this done by the shower)
  10. Catch up Project Life (who knew taking a photo a day would be so complicated)

Ok...looking at my list, I realize I'm a little ambitious, but it's good to have a goal...right?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Is Right In The World Again

Saturday, November 6th. The day I have been holding my breath for...the day I have been anticipating for the past year. My soldier finally came home!

Me, Blake, & Mallorye braving the very cold temps while we patiently wait for the buses to roll in. They brought four buses carrying our soldiers to the Arkansas State University Football Stadium where a crowd of nearly 500 people awaited them. The streets were lined with people waving flags and banners and yellow ribbons were tied to street signs, light poles, and doors.

Me, Melissa Brown, & Jamie Clark...a few of the Army wives that made the past year a little more fun and a whole lot more bearable. I couldn't have made it through without my support system.

Matt & Mallorye....this was Matt's first experience with deployment and I'm so glad that Mal has had him to lean on this past year.

At this point, the guys have been on Caraway for over 10 minutes...I can hear the sirens of the police that are escorting them, but I still can't see the buses. I'm holding back tears, which everyone finds amusing and getting more anxious by the second.

The First Kiss
There is nothing that can describe that feeling of having your soldiers arms around you and embracing for that long awaited first kiss. This man completes a part of me...and when he's not here a huge part of me is missing. ...and this point the tears are flowing and I don't care. My soldier is home and all is right in my world.
Thank you! To everyone who prayed for my husband and my family over the past year!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


......I can breathe a huge sigh of relief
..I can quit sleeping with my cell phone under my pillow
.....or racing to the phone every time it rings
My soldier is back on US soil and it does this heart good!

{1037th RCC Welcome Home Ceremony at Camp Shelby, MS}

...just a few more days until the REAL Welcome Home in Arkansas with family & friends & huge hugs & sloppy kisses & of course laughter followed by crocodile tears.

{and yes, my soldier is in that sea of ACU's somewhere}