Monday, July 25, 2011

{Nicaragua Update}

It's been a while since I've talked about the upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua, so I thought a little update was in order :)

As of right now, there are 38 people on our team, which is just mind blowing. We have a sense of urgency given all the signs around the world that our Lord's return is very near, and this could be the last opportunity that we have to share with the people of Nicaragua.

Its a bittersweet pill to swallow that Matt & Mallorye have had to withdraw from the trip due to her pregnancy. She'll be too close to her due date to travel such a distance & Matt is going to stay stateside...just in case. Fortunately, another couple have taken their spot so they will be reimbursed most of what they've put out there (they had their entire trip paid for). I'm a little nervous now that I'm the only one from our family going, but I'm sure God knew that way before I did ;)

I'm still planning on going...unless Mallorye's ultrasound puts her due date in January or sooner. I'm on target with how much I've paid in and I have my passport. I will probably borrow luggage from Mallorye and I'm going to see if mom will make me a few skirts when it gets closer to time.

The total cost of the trip is: $1,700.00

Total paid to date: $1,103.67

Balance due: $596.33

I need to have the trip paid for by the end of November which puts it at $149.08 each month. Completely doable! I would like to also take some spending money, but I'll make do if I have to. There are few things I need for the trip, but I'm just praying God provides, as He has done so far.

Ways you can partner with me;

1. Pray for me (that God prepares my heart, for finances, for my family)

2. Pray for our team

3. Pray for my family

4. Financial Support

If you're partnering with me in any of the ways listed, would you leave me a comment, or email me at ? Also, if you would like more information about Nicaragua 2011 Mission Trip...just ask! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

{Things I Must Do}

Lately my "to do" list has just not been getting done...ha...who am I kidding...I haven't even been writing it down! This week things have GOT to change, so in an effort for accountability--here's things I must get done THIS WEEK!

*finish all the filing in the home office

*CLEAN the home office

*rough edits of Qualls Wedding

*inventory pantry/freezer/regrigerator

*clean refrigerator

*menu planning for next 2 weeks

*create chore chart for Daniel & Caleb

*Flylady notebook for Tiff

*start house lists of things needing done around house

*clean carport & patio who's going to hold me to the fire? I really need to get things done. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Sweet 16}

Blake turned 16 on Monday and we (Blake, Quentin, Me, Matt, & Mallorye) went to TaMolly's for a little birthday celebration and some good food. It also happened to be the night that the "balloon man" was there and he made Blake this awesome birthday hat to wear! I don't know how many balloons he used, but this is just AWESOME! and was a great subsitute for a party until we could do that a few days later.....

Friday we finally were able to really celebrate at a small party held on the church grounds....

Boys are so much different than girls....all he wanted was a bunch of his guy friends to hang out and play laser tag and a cookie cake. No fuss. No decorations. I have to admit, it felt weird for me to give a party for one of my kids with so little preparation, but the clean up was much MUCH better! Quentin grilled burgers and dogs for the guys and I just set the food out :)

{Noah, Jake, Blake, Andy, Brady, Drake, & Chase}

It was also strange to have an all guy party. These guys are crazy, but really good kids. We couldn't ask for a better bunch for him to befriend.

{Josh, affectionately known as JJ by the youth and Blake}

Blake is very blessed to have a youth pastor that truly invests in the lives of his youth. He came by for a bit and had a burger and showed the boys he still has what it takes in a game of laser tag.

{Blake & Noah}
All geared up for a few games of laser tag. Which basically looked like the video game "Modern Warfare" in live action...without the blood of course (unless you count what they lost to the mosquitoes)

I think the guys had a great the fun begins....Blake is an official driver...old enough to get a job....

I wonder if he'll keep his room clean ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{12 Weeks}

The end of the first trimester! And a little bit of a baby bump :)

Mallorye is doing well and is having less and less "sick" days. Her thyroid levels are fluctuating a bit, but I'm sure that's due to the baby taking her medicine. She's been tired some, but just the normal first trimester tired. Her & Matt seem to be way ahead of the ballgame and have started moving furniture to prepare the extra bedroom to become a nursery. She goes back to the doctor in August and will have her first ultrasound which we hope will pin the due date down a little more accurately, although I'm sad that it will be too early to determine a gender. They're on top of that too....and already have names determined.

Olivia Brooke for a girl....

Robert Caden for a boy....

I'm going to do my best to document Mal's pregnancy with at least a monthly picture and you know I'm going to be spoiling this grandbaby ;)