Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Sweet 16}

Blake turned 16 on Monday and we (Blake, Quentin, Me, Matt, & Mallorye) went to TaMolly's for a little birthday celebration and some good food. It also happened to be the night that the "balloon man" was there and he made Blake this awesome birthday hat to wear! I don't know how many balloons he used, but this is just AWESOME! and was a great subsitute for a party until we could do that a few days later.....

Friday we finally were able to really celebrate at a small party held on the church grounds....

Boys are so much different than girls....all he wanted was a bunch of his guy friends to hang out and play laser tag and a cookie cake. No fuss. No decorations. I have to admit, it felt weird for me to give a party for one of my kids with so little preparation, but the clean up was much MUCH better! Quentin grilled burgers and dogs for the guys and I just set the food out :)

{Noah, Jake, Blake, Andy, Brady, Drake, & Chase}

It was also strange to have an all guy party. These guys are crazy, but really good kids. We couldn't ask for a better bunch for him to befriend.

{Josh, affectionately known as JJ by the youth and Blake}

Blake is very blessed to have a youth pastor that truly invests in the lives of his youth. He came by for a bit and had a burger and showed the boys he still has what it takes in a game of laser tag.

{Blake & Noah}
All geared up for a few games of laser tag. Which basically looked like the video game "Modern Warfare" in live action...without the blood of course (unless you count what they lost to the mosquitoes)

I think the guys had a great the fun begins....Blake is an official driver...old enough to get a job....

I wonder if he'll keep his room clean ;)

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