Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Skinny on the Month of June

So, it's been a month...a ton has happened.

(1) Mallorye graduated from High School with Honors and 11th in her class....we were so excited that Quentin was able to come home on leave for this.

Me, Mallorye, & Daddy

(2) Mallorye was in her friend Katie's wedding at the Manley Chapel in Walnut Ridge

(3) We had to take Quentin back to the airport so he can finish his tour in Afghanistan...we're over the half way mark now & starting to prepare for the Homecoming. I personally...can't wait!

Q's airplane that will take him away....

Q's flight was early, so the kids slept on the way back home....I snapped this picture because it was absolutely priceless...

(4) Mallorye started babysitting to earn extra money.
(5) Blake started helping the McCullars some on their farm to earn himself some extra money.
(6) Matt & Mallorye moved their wedding date up to we've kicked it in high gear on planning!
(7) We went to Memphis to have thier engagment pictures made....

Matt & Mallorye at the zoo....I snapped this one on my phone.

(8) I spent some time with the FRG girls in Memphis letting our hair down and trying to relax a little amidst the stress of the deployment.
(9) My hours at work have changed & I'm working late 2 days a week, BUT I get to come in at noon on those days, which I LOVE!!!!
(10) We celebrated yet another holiday without Q home...this one Father's Day, which stung just a tad....Mal & Matt were gone camping, so it was just me & Blake.
Blake & His Father's Day greeting to his dad that we uploaded to Facebook.
So, that's the super skinny on the past month. I'll try to do a better job, but we all know that I'm not the best blogger lately :(
Till next time....adios!