Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{ June}

Taking my cue from Meredith, I decided to post a few things that are going on in my life...list style. So, mid-June, this is the happenings around my little corner of the world. Thanks Meredith for the inspiration!

Current Read: I'm horrible at having more than one book going at a time. So...right now, I'm reading "Second Wind" a memoir by Cami Ostman. This book is my fave on my nightstand right now and if you're a beginning runner, it's a must read. I'm also finishing up Jen Hatmaker's "Seven" and trying to stay up to date on my Own It 365 daily Bible reading.

Current Playlist: Bob Seger Greatest Hits is playing. It's great for rolling down the windows and cranking it up loud.

Current Color: Tan & Seafoam...lovin' this color combo for summer

Current Drink: I really want to answer Water...but {sigh}'s Dr. Pepper. I'm trying to quit. Honestly.

Current Food: Kimono Rice & Shrimp Sauce...oh. my. word. I could eat this every day!!!

Current Favorite Favorite: Yellow Box flip flops...It's summer y'all! And I live in my flip flops.

Current Addiction: Candy Crush...and I swore I wouldn't download it and I did. Now. I'm addicted. UgH!

Current Wish List: CWX Running Shorts. I kind of need them, but the price! Oh my.

Current Need: A new sports bra. I cannot find one that I like and that fits anywhere. Very discouraging!

Current Triumph: Voicing what I want without being overbearing.

Current Annoyance: Not being able to sleep.

Current Indulgence: Orange Slices...the candy. Love these bits of orange sugar goodness. I actually have a bag in my car right this second.

Current Mood: Timid. There are some things going on in my life that are making me be a little shy in putting myself out there, so I'm approaching life with timidity and caution these days. I know its just a season, but I'm ready for it to be gone.

Current Blessing: The postponement of a decision. God knows this one.

Current Outfit: 20 Year Class Reunion Tee, Red Athletic Pants, & Tennis Shoes

Current Excitement: I know it sounds crazy, but I'm looking forward to Saturday and going for a LONG run. I'm going to push myself to see what I can do and I'm pretty pumped about it.

Current Project: I have 2 large summer projects that I need to get busy tackling. One, set up my craft room again and Two, sort through storage and have a Yard Sale. I really need to get busy on these!

Current plans for the day: Work, Dinner, Run.

Current link: This blog. (in)courage me ...has been such an encouragement and light in my circumstances lately.