Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{SURPRISE! Happy [EARLY] 18th Birthday Blake}

Blake has been patiently waiting for a vehicle of his own for almost 2 years. He has been driving whatever is available, which until recently, was his dad's 1987 Ford Ranger pickup. A few months ago, that little truck blew a head gasket, and ever since, Blake and I have been sharing the "mom mobile" aka Dodge Caravan. Not exactly the coolest ride for a Senior in High School.

I'm certain in light of the past few weeks, Blake was resigned to the fact he would probably never get a vehicle until he could pay for it himself.

Insert God.

With God all things are possible and He likes to surprise His children with good new trucks :) This was definitely a God thing and I feel incredibly blessed that we were able to do this for Blake. The details of how this truck came to be aren't was indeed, God showing out, just for us.

No gift is complete without a bow! Just waiting for Blake...

Me & Blake...he was so surprised! Probably the first time ever that we've managed to give him a gift and him not know about it. I think I even seen a tear when he realized what just happened.

2005 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab
Much better than mom or dad's ride...hmmmm...

Dad helping him put the license plate on...

I splurged and paid the extra for a DU license plate for my hunter.

Blake posing with his new ride....pretty sure this baby will get tons of miles as Blake repays his buddies for all the times they've had to pick him up and run him around.

Me, Blake, & Quentin
Truck Surprise = Success!

Lookin' good!

His first drive in his new ride...taking mom to work :)

Feeling so incredibly blessed that we could pull off this surprise.
Happy {Early} 18th Birthday Blake!

Monday, May 27, 2013

{Olivia's First Zoo Trip}

I've had an emotional weekend (a story I'm not quite ready to tell), but I was determined to have an enjoyable Memorial Day. Matt & Mallorye had been wanting to take Olivia to the zoo for a while and today seemed like the perfect day for it. The weather was gorgeous! The temperature was mild most of the day and the sun shining brightly.

We're here! I think Olivia was excited because we all were :)

 Checking out some farm animals...the funniest thing might have been when she chased a chicken down the road. All I could think was, "what is she going to do if she catches it?" Luckily, the chicken was pretty quick and escaped the clutches of Olivia.

 Olivia likes the animals from a distance...even the statue kind...and wasn't too fond of sitting on this guy.

 Baby in a bubble...the newest exhibit :)

 Selfie's of me & Olivia...trying to keep her entertained while we waited on our lunch. Zoo food is expensive. Next time we will definitely pack a cooler! $45 for burgers, fries, & drinks for all of us.

 Olivia was so cute ... she held out her arms and wanted to hold the "kitty."

 ....and the meltdown! She really did quit well to be 15 months old. This was her only meltdown and was close to the end of the day.

 Checking out the giraffes with daddy.

 Another great exhibit..."giant caterpillars" on display :)
I couldn't resist...

 Sea Lion Show...this was probably my favorite, but Olivia's least favorite. She just doesn't quite have the attention span for it just yet.

 Me & Blake enjoying the show...don't let his smirk kid ya..he enjoyed it.

 Olivia wanted down by the water...I think next time we shoudl get on the glass side so she can get close and we don't have to worry about her falling.

 I love this picture....look at those feet! She is so inquisitive and really did enjoy each exhibit.

 Nana G and Olivia

 Uncle B taking his thing I learned...when taking small children to the zoo, take plenty of adults to swap carrying said child because they will not want to ride in the stroller all day :)

Matt & Mallorye back where it all began. We were at this very spot in 2009, when Matt asked Mallorye to start dating, so it's kind of special to them. I'm pretty sure they have a picture every year at this particular place.

 Family Portrait

 Blake just takin' it easy...

Walk with me daddy....

Ha! Blake was laying inside the little chalk man on the pavement. I love my kids and their sense of humor!

 Mallorye mimicking the if she only had a tail.

Me & Mallorye
Mother/Daughter....Best Friends

Me & Blake

Someone was either a little sleepy or not impressed with the gorillas

We had a great day and I'm so glad I pushed myself to get out of the house and enjoy the day.

Happy Memorial Day!!
Thank a soldier today :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

{The Wesley's Plant A Garden}

There is something about working with your hands that produces such an intense sense of satisfaction. My daughter, Mallorye, and her husband Matt, decided to change some landscaping in the front of their house. I'm not sure if it was peer pressure from the neighbor's immaculate lawns or ADD and boredom, but whatever it was, the results are beautiful.
The beginning: Matt pulled out an old rosebush and some shrubs. They worked the dirt, getting out the pieces of brick that were buried in it...they even found a stepping stone buried. Mallorye is going to try and clean it up and use it somewhere in her garden.
Olivia helping daddy lay the brick edging. She is such a big helper!
Cuddling with mommy as they plant the flowers. I promise, Mallorye has the patience of Job. She never acts like Olivia is in her way or bothering her, but instead, embraces every moment of motherhood....even the ones that can sometimes be challenging.
Mallorye & Matt...working side-by-side to build their home...just as it should be.
Olivia was covered in dirt, but I don't think she minded...LOL

Olivia supervising the work. I think she was telling me about the dirt :)

Almost finished with the planting...a new rose bush and some pretty flowers.

Mallorye (with Olivia's help) spreading the mulch around the flowers.

The finished product!
I think they did a great job and can't wait to see what else they come up with for the other side of the porch.

The Wesley's and their garden