Thursday, May 23, 2013

{The Wesley's Plant A Garden}

There is something about working with your hands that produces such an intense sense of satisfaction. My daughter, Mallorye, and her husband Matt, decided to change some landscaping in the front of their house. I'm not sure if it was peer pressure from the neighbor's immaculate lawns or ADD and boredom, but whatever it was, the results are beautiful.
The beginning: Matt pulled out an old rosebush and some shrubs. They worked the dirt, getting out the pieces of brick that were buried in it...they even found a stepping stone buried. Mallorye is going to try and clean it up and use it somewhere in her garden.
Olivia helping daddy lay the brick edging. She is such a big helper!
Cuddling with mommy as they plant the flowers. I promise, Mallorye has the patience of Job. She never acts like Olivia is in her way or bothering her, but instead, embraces every moment of motherhood....even the ones that can sometimes be challenging.
Mallorye & Matt...working side-by-side to build their home...just as it should be.
Olivia was covered in dirt, but I don't think she minded...LOL

Olivia supervising the work. I think she was telling me about the dirt :)

Almost finished with the planting...a new rose bush and some pretty flowers.

Mallorye (with Olivia's help) spreading the mulch around the flowers.

The finished product!
I think they did a great job and can't wait to see what else they come up with for the other side of the porch.

The Wesley's and their garden

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