Saturday, May 18, 2013

{Loose Caboose 5K}

My third 5K and I convinced my son to join in on the fun! Actually...I signed him up without his knowledge and being the great kid he is...he trained and ran and medaled! Love that kid.

{Brandi Parkinson, Me, JoAnn Williams, Blake, Tommy Parkinson}
They talked me into going on a group run to train. I've avoided group runs like the plague, knowing I'm the slowest one of the bunch and hating to slow down the rest of the group, but they talked me into it and it wasn't too bad. Brandi pushed me as she always does and they would double back and get me when I would get too far behind.
Group Training Run...Blake looking back to make sure I'm still back there! LOL.

{JoAnn Graham, Me, Brandi Parkinson}
These ladies are on the Praise Team with me at church and our so much a part of my life that I call them family. I don't know what I would do without them. We represent three different decades, but you would never know it by the close-knit friendship that we share.

Me & Brandi for our "every race photo"...LOL

{Me, Mom, & Olivia}
Mom & Jack came from Pocahontas to watch Blake and I race...Matt, Mallorye, & Olivia were there also. I can't tell you how much it means to know that your family is at the finish line cheering you on and waiting to see helps keep you moving when you feel like you just can't climb another hill.
Me & Blake...he did such a great job. So proud of him for being willing to go along with his mom's crazy ideas. He has grown up so much this past year and I'm just trying to savor every moment.

Blake crossing the finish line at 23:29
...and since it's his first's a PR for him and a good one at that!

Sprinting to the finish....

Crossing the finish line at 44:07...another PR for me!
So far I've managed to PR at every race, so although I'm slow...I am improving :)
Olivia snatched my post-race granola bar and just had her a little picnic on the pavement!

{Olivia & Mallorye}
I think Olivia was intrigued by all the runners and she loved the granola bar!

"Oh, were you eating this Nana?"

Mine & Blake's race bibs

Future runner in training...Adorable!

Blake won 3rd place in his division. Not bad for a first race...and barely sweating.
Blake & Tommy both brought home the 3rd place trophies for their divisions. Blake has a great mentor and role model right there.

Bucket of shoe tags after the race...where all good shoe tags must go. get my plantars wart removed and train for the next race!!

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