Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{SURPRISE! Happy [EARLY] 18th Birthday Blake}

Blake has been patiently waiting for a vehicle of his own for almost 2 years. He has been driving whatever is available, which until recently, was his dad's 1987 Ford Ranger pickup. A few months ago, that little truck blew a head gasket, and ever since, Blake and I have been sharing the "mom mobile" aka Dodge Caravan. Not exactly the coolest ride for a Senior in High School.

I'm certain in light of the past few weeks, Blake was resigned to the fact he would probably never get a vehicle until he could pay for it himself.

Insert God.

With God all things are possible and He likes to surprise His children with good new trucks :) This was definitely a God thing and I feel incredibly blessed that we were able to do this for Blake. The details of how this truck came to be aren't was indeed, God showing out, just for us.

No gift is complete without a bow! Just waiting for Blake...

Me & Blake...he was so surprised! Probably the first time ever that we've managed to give him a gift and him not know about it. I think I even seen a tear when he realized what just happened.

2005 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab
Much better than mom or dad's ride...hmmmm...

Dad helping him put the license plate on...

I splurged and paid the extra for a DU license plate for my hunter.

Blake posing with his new ride....pretty sure this baby will get tons of miles as Blake repays his buddies for all the times they've had to pick him up and run him around.

Me, Blake, & Quentin
Truck Surprise = Success!

Lookin' good!

His first drive in his new ride...taking mom to work :)

Feeling so incredibly blessed that we could pull off this surprise.
Happy {Early} 18th Birthday Blake!

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