Monday, July 25, 2011

{Nicaragua Update}

It's been a while since I've talked about the upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua, so I thought a little update was in order :)

As of right now, there are 38 people on our team, which is just mind blowing. We have a sense of urgency given all the signs around the world that our Lord's return is very near, and this could be the last opportunity that we have to share with the people of Nicaragua.

Its a bittersweet pill to swallow that Matt & Mallorye have had to withdraw from the trip due to her pregnancy. She'll be too close to her due date to travel such a distance & Matt is going to stay stateside...just in case. Fortunately, another couple have taken their spot so they will be reimbursed most of what they've put out there (they had their entire trip paid for). I'm a little nervous now that I'm the only one from our family going, but I'm sure God knew that way before I did ;)

I'm still planning on going...unless Mallorye's ultrasound puts her due date in January or sooner. I'm on target with how much I've paid in and I have my passport. I will probably borrow luggage from Mallorye and I'm going to see if mom will make me a few skirts when it gets closer to time.

The total cost of the trip is: $1,700.00

Total paid to date: $1,103.67

Balance due: $596.33

I need to have the trip paid for by the end of November which puts it at $149.08 each month. Completely doable! I would like to also take some spending money, but I'll make do if I have to. There are few things I need for the trip, but I'm just praying God provides, as He has done so far.

Ways you can partner with me;

1. Pray for me (that God prepares my heart, for finances, for my family)

2. Pray for our team

3. Pray for my family

4. Financial Support

If you're partnering with me in any of the ways listed, would you leave me a comment, or email me at ? Also, if you would like more information about Nicaragua 2011 Mission Trip...just ask! :)

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