Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Rodney & Angie}

Just a few of my favorite pics from the wedding friend Amy & I, shot this wedding last night...our first joint effort...these are just a few of my favorites so far....

{the dress}

{Angie....the beautiful bride}

(Angie & her dad, Jack....looking into the sunset}

{the bridesmaids}

I'm pleased. The pictures aren't perfect, and there are a ton that no one will ever see, but I learned something with every snap of the shutter and that's what it's about...learning & improving.

Stay tuned...Project Life to resume soon :)

1 comment:

Bella Michelle said...

I think that would be so much fun! OJT at a wedding would be challenging but I am sure you did learn a lot. The bridesmaids look like they are having the best time.