Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back To School

Woo Hoo!! All parents are doing the happy dance right now!! We are gearing up for the first day tomorrow. I'm not overly excited about getting up early, but I love the routine that school demands. I'm a routine kinda person...a little OCD about it actually...and when the kids are in school they have to be on a schedule to get it all done. I think we're ready...backpacks are ready...clothes laid are getting baths now...all that's left is packing lunch for Blake. We've spent the week making sure we have all the supplies they need and of course all the coolest clothes. Mallorye actually purchased some of her own things this year with money she'd earned over the summer babysitting and working at ball tournaments. Learning the value of the dollar. Blake actually wanted some pullover shirts and casual shoes...for those that know Blake...this is huge! Mostly his wardrobe...ok, t-shirts, gym shorts, and tennis shoes. No primping for this macho dude. Well, change is in the air! He even went and had his eyebrows know the part in the middle that sometimes grows together. I did not suggest this...he WANTED to do it..and he'll probably hate me for posting it on the WWW...oh well. Anyway, they both are ready...Mal even has her 2 summer reading projects completed and reports printed out. We got this thing! I'll post pix and update on the first day later this week. Pray for all the students, teachers, bus drivers, and administration.

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