Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hold That Thought

Ok....many of you have heard the rumor...so let me set the record straight. Yes, we're celebrating the end of this deployment....36 or so days to go....but Quentin and I have a huge decision to make. Well, more Q than me. There is an opportunity for Q to stay in Iraq for another year, at a different base, doing a different job. Nothing dangerous. Just different than what he's been doing. So, even though "post-deployment" has a nice ring, as with all things military, it is subject to change....at least for this family. How do I feel? Obviously I miss my husband and want him home, but I'm ready to support him through this, if it's what he chooses to do. I've learned that I'm stronger than I give myself credit for and I'm certain that our family can brave another year if needed. I will stand by my man...no matter the choice. So, all you prayer warriors out there...pray that we make the best decision for our family and the one that God wants for us. If this is His will...may it all fall into place....if it's not His will, I pray he slams the door shut on the opportunity. So....post deployment...hold that thought for just a while longer.


Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Brave and strong you really are Gin. I have seen your courage and determination?(not sure about the spelling)through out this entire deployment. I have seen you weather storms most would find impossible, and handle difficult situations with the confidence of Paul.
I think it is admirable of you to be willing to sacrifice another year of your life and your famiies life for your husbands career.
My prayer for you and your family is that your motives are true and right, and the decision is mutual.
As an ex-military wife, I understand the career of husbands, I also understand the power of independence.It is a fine line. It is sometimes harder to reconnect after a long separtation. Just something to think about. If you want to talk more about this, lets get together for supper another night this week.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all no matter what decisions are to be made along the way. You know I love ya, girl--and I know that God is holding you close to His heart!!