Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Survived!!

Wow! What a week?! We survived our first week of school...I'm not sure who had more adjusting to do...the kids...or me. I've attended two Open Houses this week...two athletic cookouts (one for volleyball, and one for all sports)...Mallorye has been to two dances and Blake went to two different swim parties...and we caught the first football game of the season. Both kids have incredible teachers this year and I think it's going to be just a great time. We all made it on time this week without any major complaining, and aside for the one day that Blake ran out without his lunch, nobody forgot anything. This week starts volleyball games for Mal and football practices for Blake, so high gear is fast approaching. I'll try to keep you up to speed. And, I promise I'll get first day pics up as soon as possible!!

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Big Bro said...

Hiya sis and family,

Sounds like your first week went about like ours. Except we didnt quite have as amany extracurricular events the first week. Out here in the sticks they do all the first dances and so fourth about 2 weeks into the year. Right now its tryouts for sports and getting signed up for the 'elective' activities.
Other than the loss we have shared with you via email, things are going well here too. Think we are all looking forward to some cooler weather though. Unbeleivably hot here for last couple of weeks.
Anyhow just making the weekly rounds to blogs and the like and just wanted to drop a note and say hi and get caught up on the general info. We have our blog started , but nothing posted yet. Hopefully will get time to do so soon. Am waiting for Melissa and i to have time together to work on it. Take care... love ya gang

John and Melissa