Monday, August 19, 2013

{Currently In August}

Current Read: I've not been as disciplined with my reading over the Summer and actually kind of miss it. Hopefully, now that school is back in session, I will get back to reading on a daily basis. So...right now, I'm STILL reading "Second Wind" a memoir by Cami Ostman. I am stinking it up on trying to stay up to date on my Own It 365 daily Bible reading and I'm also reading Danielle Steele's newest book, First Sight, a story about what

Current Playlist: I have to say, I'm really enjoying Florida Georgia Line...I even tried to win tickets for their October show.

Current Color: Tan/Blue/Green...thinking of changing my living room to this color scheme :)

Current Drink: Water! Seriously...I think I'm floating!

Current Food: Ice Cold Grapes...fave snack right now.

Current Favorite Favorite: 

Current Addiction: Running...I'm really starting to enjoy running and hate when I miss a day.

Current Wish List: These CWX Running Shorts are still on my wish list and most likely will stay there until I buy them...but I'm also really liking the Zaggora pants. I kind of need them, but the price! Oh my.

Current Need: Money! Blake's senior year might just kill me...or at least my pocketbook.

Current Triumph: Actually blocking myself off from singing and taking a weekend off to go to the lake.

Current Annoyance: Instability

Current Indulgence: Me Time. I've learned that life is a little happier if momma takes time for herself and I've been doing a great job of making sure to carve out time for myself lately.

Current Mood: Exhausted. This has been a long day.

Current Blessing: My recent mini-vacation, courtesy of my BFF.

Current Outfit: Jean Capris, Pensacola Beach Tee (from Brandi), and bare feet!

Current Excitement: Getting back into a routine after the lazy days of summer.

Current Project: I still need to work on my scrapbook room...maybe I'll get it finished before Christmas.

Current plans for the day: The day is almost plans are to fill out school paperwork, read, and sleep!!!

Current link: Runner's World...getting serious about this running thang!

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