Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Look Out World.... comes Mallorye! It's official...Mal is a driver. I took her this morning and after a few fiery hoops (I'll explain in a minute) we have a piece of paper that says she can take the wheel....I'm thinking more like the song...Jesus, [PLEASE] take the wheel. to the fiery hoops.. I left work to take her this morning and we get there, stand in line, we reach the ever-so-nice-and-polite police lady and find out that a copy of your birth certificate won't work...must be original. I, being the wonderful mom that I am, hop in my little red van and drive across town to get it. Back at the testing center, we get back in line and wait our turn. Our turn comes...birth form.....ok, I brought the sealed envelope from school only to find that it has her transcript in it...not good enough... We need the form that says she has at least a C average. Excuse me, I thought that's what a transcript did?! Back in van, drive across town again ....get form from school. Guess what? Exact information that was on the transcript, except it's in a form style....aaargh!!! At this point I'm thinking my hormone pill is not working, cause I'm 2 seconds away from blowing a gasket. We stand in line...AGAIN!! Yeah, we have all necessary papers and documents. Mal sits down and takes test, probably scared to death because I've threatened her life if she doesn't pass after all of this. She's done in 8 minutes. Yes, I timed her. Passed...(sigh) 1-1/2 hours later...I make it back to my desk at work....and they think the soldiers are the ones that have it rough....try being the spouse of a deployed soldier.

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Big Bro said...

aww the joys of dealing with public school systems. lol the bureacratic mentality never ceases to amaze me.
I will be sure to stay off the side walks though when we come down for homecoming. Think I will go to walmart and get her that garfiel the sticks in the grill anyhow Congrats Mal I know your enjoying that accomplishment. Just be safe and take care of yourself when driving anywhere. Even if just to the store or church.