Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Coming Home

I'm anxiously awaiting Q's R/R....as he is somewhere enroute to the USA. I'm busy cleaning every nook and cranny....what I do when I'm nervous or anxious....he's probably filling out endless paperwork or snoozing on a plane or listening to his Ipod. It's just so hard to fathom that he's really going to be here in just a few days or less. My nerves are keeping my stomach a bit unsettled....I guess just all the excitement and uncertainty. I've found that military R/R does not mix well with Type A personalities...aka Me. I like to know all the details...the military is hell-bent on me not knowing anything until the last possible moment. I want to be prepared...to be ready...I guess they figure I should just stay that way and when I hear the word..go. So, here I am...cleaning...again...you'd think I'd run out of stuff to do by now, but I somehow find another dust bunny to clear away. I know I'm talking in circles...too much stuff floating around in my head. I feel like a giddy school girl getting ready for her first date. I love my husband! And I can't wait till I see him get off of that plane!! He's really coming home!

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