Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do You Trust Him?

Today's sermon from Pastor Charles was one of those hard-to-swallow kind for me. It's not the first time the question was posed, but I think it may have been the first time I actually "listened." We all believe in God. Scripture even tells us that the demons believe there is a God. And I'd be safe to say that a vast majority reading this right now, even believe "In" know, believing that He can do miracles, that He does have a plan for your life, and that He will come to take us home some day. But, the question is..."do you trust in God?" The gut answer is yes, of course, but Charles challenged us today to step aside from our normal "churchy" answer and really evaluate if our lives demonstrate a complete and full trust in God. Why is it that it seems so easy to trust God for some of the big issues in our life (ie. cancer, death, etc.) but we (or at least I do) fall short in the everyday life. I desire so desperately to trust God with everything and all that I am. So, for me, this has probed a spot in me that wants to explore why it's so hard for me to let go and trust....completely trust. I have a feeling I'm beginning one of those journeys...hang on...could be a wild ride. And I challenge you to examine your own relationship with God...look to see what evidence there is that you trust Him....after all, that is the fundamental building block of our supposed faith. Definitely food for thought.

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