Saturday, October 13, 2007

PHS Homecoming

Mallorye (in blue) and one of her friends looked just gorgeous as they headed out for the homecoming dance. It's so hard to believe that this young "woman" is my baby girl! Cinderella is still sleeping, so I haven't talked to her yet...daddy went and picked her up from the breakfast at 1am...another reason to be thankful he's home from Iraq...I didn't have to do the Homecoming shift by myself...woo hoo!! I'm quite certain they had a great time! Quentin, myself, and Blake went to the football game and watched our boys win a homecoming game for the first time in years.....34-14. It was a good game and a great night with family and friends. I am so lovin' my family time!!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We had homecoming dinners (but absolutely no dancing! :)) at the school I went to, I think they were suppose to take the place of the prom. It was a small private Christian school without a football team, unfortunately. We always had a blast! And we stayed out very late as well - totally part of the experience!

What a fun time for your girl - she looks beautiful! How special that her Dad could pick her up, especially since it was one in the morning!