Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrating My 100th Post

Technically, my 100th post was my Thanksgiving post, but I was not about to be sidetracked from being grateful...even by the blog world. So, today, in honor of reaching my 100th post I'm going to share my Life List....a 100 things I'd like to accomplish or do before I die.

Some of them are quirky and fun...some are serious and make you step back and think. I have to admit, it was quite a challenge to actually think of 100 things, I tried to kinda categorize my life to help me think...anyway, without further adieu;

1. Go on a fishing trip with my hubby
2. Take Q to an NFL game
3. Scrapbook Q's deployment to Iraq
4. Learn to waltz with my hubby and dance at our daughter's wedding
5. Leave a legacy of love to our grandchildren when we're long gone
6. Finish Mallorye's scrapbook
7. See Mallorye win Miss America
8. Cry tears of joy as Q walks Mal down the aisle on her wedding day
9. Watch Mal fulfill her dream and graduate college
10. Cheer Blake on at State Finals his senior year
11. Watch Blake get his college diploma
12. Finish Blake's scrapbook
13. Teach Blake to respect girls..open doors, help them be seated, you know..chivalry
14. Rent a beach house for a week with just my girlfriends
15. Meet my blog friends
16. Go on a weekend road trip with no destination in mind with a few of my best gal pals
17. Make a scrapbook for my best friends that chronicles our friendship
18. Sleep 8 hours straight...just one night would be great!
19. Run a marathon
20. Find my abs...I'm sure they're under there somewhere
21. Learn to actually do a push up
22. Be still & Know!...go away for a week by myself...just me, my Bible, a journal, & my God
23. Read through my entire Bible in one year
24. Go on an oversees mission trip
25. Have lunch with Beth Moore and pick her brain
26. Be aware of God in everything and at all times
27. Visit Israel
28. See a Broadway show in New York City
29. Work on a dude ranch
30. See the Statue of Liberty
31. Visit the site of the World Trade Center
32. Give up sodas!
33. Lose my post-hysterectomy weight (45 pounds)
34. Learn to cook healthy
35. Curb my sweet tooth
36. Drink more water...at least my 8 glasses
37. Document my family tree
38. Write a family newsletter each year for Christmas
39. Make a gingerbread house with my kids...I have always wanted to do this!
40. Find and meet my biological father
41. Have a family picture made with Q's parents
42. Go parasailing
43. Take a white water rafting trip
44. Learn to snow ski
45. Teach my kids to water ski...something I loved growing up
46. Take a hot air balloon ride with my sweetie :)
47. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen
48. Host a Christmas Party with the guest of honor being an Angel Tree recipient
49. Host a foreign exchange student and show them God's love
50. Invite international students to share in our Thanksgiving meal & culture
51. Attend the Oprah Show...on the Favorite Things episode!
52. Compete one more time (and WIN) the Mrs. America Pageant
53. Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity
54. Learn to add links to my blog posts
55. Visit the boutique in Macon, Georgia called "gingermichelle"....happens to be my name!!
56. Visit every amusement park in the USA
57. Ride the Top 10 roller coasters in the USA
58. Write a book about my life experiences
59. Sing on stage with Travis Cottrell
60. Organize my scrapbook room
61. Redecorate my kitchen
62. Get ALL my film developed
63. Organize my photos
64. Invest in a really AWESOME digital camera with Zoom Lens and take it everywhere
65. Take a photography class
66. Learn to keep my outside plants alive
67. Ok, for that matter, learn to keep my inside plants alive
68. Be completely DEBT FREE
69. Retire comfortably at age 65...gotta have a goal
70. Take my kids on a trip to Europe
71. Go to Disney World
72. Finish my degree in nursing
73. Own my own home
74. Step out of my comfort zone and share the plan of salvation with a complete stranger
75. See my little boy become a Man
76. Go caving
77. Ride a mechanical bull...I used to think I wanted to ride a real one, but I've gotten smarter
78. Learn to cook a really awesome 3-course dinner
79. Host a dinner for 8 people I don't know very well and get to know them
80. Commit to memory the Psalms
81. To actually be the first owner of a vehicle...to put the first 100 miles on it
82. Visit Hillsong Church in Australia...wow!
83. Publish my poetry
84. Have all my laundry done at one time...is that even possible??
85. Just once have all my Christmas presents bought before the Thanksgiving rush
86. Forgive
87. Overcome my fear of heights...for goodness sake, I had to call someone to change light bulbs for me while Q was deployed...how pathetic is that??! (and yes, I know it doesn't make sense that I can ride roller coasters...just a weird quirk)
88. Write and send a thank you note to the people who REALLY made a difference in my life
89. Get my Christmas cards out on time
90. Learn to use Photo Shop on the computer
91. Let go of some of my OCD behaviors
92. Be there when the Cardinals win the World Series next time
93. Go on a trip with my husband and our closest couple friends...no kids!
94. Television Fast for 1 year...see what happens
95. Live a life of no regrets
96. Choose joy
97. Throw Mal an awesome Sweet 16...just because she wants it
98. Be there to take a picture of Blake's first Big Buck
99. Grow old with Quentin
100. Live long enough to accomplish at least half of this list

Ok...if you've made it this far...you are a loyal reader and friend! Like I said, some are just for kicks things, but some are things I've thought about for years. Just things I'd like to do somewhere along life's journey. How about you? Anything you just have to do before your time on earth is done?


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great list Ginger! It sounds like a very exciting, never boring life if you accomplish even some of these goals! I hope you have a memorable time knocking your list down :)

Happy 100th post!! I, for one, am so glad you are blogging.


mindi said...

Wow - that is a great list! I need one of those. I'm not sure what I want to do - but now I know I'll find myself thinking about it. Happy 100th post!!

mindi said...

I forgot to add that I also have a fear of heights, but love roller coasters. Like you said, it makes no sense!!

G. said...

I love #20..find your abs. :) Great post!

Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Congrads on 100 post!! I love the list and what a Legecy you could leave. Good luck on missin accomplished.

John and Melissa Simmons said...

There are many things I would like to do before my time is done in this life. However whether or not they get done depends largely on what God allows to cross my path.But the single most important thing I would love to do is to return to Southside one day, and become a Pastor/ Assistant pastor over one of the ministries there or maybe even a new one.That has been my dream since i was small boy, to one day be a minister a Pastor/elder, like my father was. My wife supports me, so it is just up to God as to when that opportunity will be made known.What do you think sis? Do you think i have enough knowledge and wisdom. Its an ongoing growth in those areas... But i think I could do it. i know i could. What about you? and yes ginger i want you to be honest as always my friend, ask q and see what he thinks as well. I would like to know

Sarah said...

Great list - it was fun to read and got me thinking. Tackle them! Good luck :)
Want help with #54?
Go to the page you want to link and copy the address.
Go to the post you're editing.
Highlight a word that you want to make the link.
Click on the little green circle above the post (it should say "link" if you put your mouse over it).
Put the address in the box and there - you have a link :)
Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Enjoyed reading your list! #84 -- not possible this side of heaven.:)

But we can dream, right!?!?