Friday, November 9, 2007

Organizing Challenge Update

Well, I'm a week into my room transformation and I've not accomplished nearly what I'd like, but baby steps will get me there...right?? So far, I've tamed the paper monster and have organized all those rubber stamps...It took 6 drawers (like the ones I used for the paper) to contain that mountain of stamps.

I'm hoping to remove the military "store" this week!! Got to get this done before hubby gets home on Saturday or I'll never get it done. I've been trying to work at least 30 minutes a night in there, but you know how that goes. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm hoping for another block of time soon. I seem to do my best work when I have time to pull it all out and get some stuff DONE!!

I'm thinkin' not much will get done tomorrow...ok...nothing probably, considering Mal is in not one, but TWO pageants tomorrow!! I'll be posting pix of that and letting you all know how that went. Ok, I'm off to bed now....we have a LONG, LONG day ahead of us!!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well youre right, baby steps will get it. Like you said you will just have to make time and pull it all out and send the hubby and kids to the video store or shopping or something.
anyhow best of everything on the pageants tommorow. Have a great time and hope you do well.

Sharijoy said...

Hi there I found your site from Org. Junkie....But I'm interested in added the tour of homes button but I don't know how to do it open to everyone or not? it sounds like fun! good luck organizing too!

mindi said...

You can do it, a little bit at a time!
How did the pageants go? I'd love to see pics!!

Cate said...

Hey congrats on the room progress! You are doing really well - I'm quite envious! :-)