Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home From The Marriage Retreat

Hello everyone! Quentin and I just got back from the Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat sponsored by the military. They really did a great job! I wasn't sure quite what to expect, but I can tell you that I'm glad I went.

Let me tell you though...Satan was waging a spiritual battle Friday in an attempt to distract and discourage me from this retreat. First, I had some change of plans with the kids. Mallorye was in a pageant this weekend, so I had to have a friend play "psuedo pageant mom" for me and Blake went deer hunting. I had a dream that Blake got shot in the deer woods, which made me start questioning my parenting...I mean what kind of parent ships their kid off to the deer woods and then leaves town??! Then Friday I ended up working about a half hour late, which put us late getting to the conference. I was in tears. I just couldn't seem to get it all together!

I finally calmed down and when we checked into the hotel the staff had some awesome cookies for us in a cute tin as a gift! They were so yummy! Then we went to the reception and were treated like royalty. Our suite was wonderful...we even had an embroidered pillow on our bed that said "Sweet Dreams." How cute is that? We learned some great tips on communication and conflict resolution and brainstormed with other couples about date nights. Last night we went on a date in Memphis....practice what we had learned...Q took me to the Archiver's scrapbook store, the mall, then we went and ate at Red Robin, went to the Bass Pro Shop, and then to the Comedy, TN...the comedian last night was Klein. We'd never been to a comedy club, so this was something new...we sat right up front and had so much fun!

I'm glad to be home, but it was so nice to get away just the two of us! Now to get this house decorated for the holidays....I did get the living room decorated this afternoon...including the tree and fireplace mantle!! Yeah!!


mindi said...

That's great you were able to go to a marriage retreat! And military sponsered, at that. I'll have to look into those when Kevin gets back, because I'm sure we're going to need them.
I'm glad you learned something.

Rebecca said...

Hi! I bounced over here from Katherine's site (Raising Five). I've enjoyed reading your posts!

I'm glad you got to "get away" with your honey. Those times are SO special!

Blessings to you!