Sunday, January 13, 2008

Freedom Salute

Today was the official Changing of the Guard and the official end of our deployment. The soldiers, families, and community were honored at the Freedom Salute. Above is the flag presented to each soldier...the inscription reads..."This flag is presented to a true American Hero in recognition for your service and sacrifice in the cause of freedom. Your service will never be forgotten. From the grateful people of this nation."

Quentin also received the Army Commendation Medal and the Combat Action Badge...hasn't officially gotten paperwork on the CAB, but it should be completed soon. I am so proud of my man!

The wives were also honored with a medal and pin for being our soldier's "Center of Influence" and supporting our spouse during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Totally unexpected!

So, this chapter closes...although I'm sure that it will be forever ingrained in my DNA. I think going through a deployment definitely changes a person and the way you think. I look at the above picture and I swell with pride at what my husband, and the soldiers he was with, accomplished...and pride in the families that stood by them! Hooah!


mindi said...

That is wonderful. I am so glad that chapter of your life is closed.
It gives me hope that it will happen for us, too. You deserved a medal, and I'm happy that you got one!!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Many sunrises and sunsets have witnessed changed in your lives this past year. Some good, some not so good, some just kinda indifferent. But the most important lesson to have learned is that know matter how far apart you had to be, or how critical or easy certain issues were, you both shared a couple of things. You slept under the same star filled sky created by God, and not only were you reconciled in many differences to one another as you grew together but ultimately reconciled to God, and as neat looking as the awards and insignia wiyth them are, being reconciled to God , for all of us, will give us an award unsurpassed by anything we accomplish here.
I too am glad that my friend, my brother is home from Iraq, and pray peace and blessings for you both. This chapter of your lives has been ended, but may all of us who lived this time shared the triumphs and the failures the tears and the laughter, rememeber the lessons we have learned, what god has shown us, and to always remember to be still and know he is God and is in control. God Bless you both. Love you all!