Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Retreat (part 3)

These are the last of my retreat layouts!! Yeah! These first two are of a pageant Mallorye was in this past November...Carson (Amy from work's little boy) and Karena (Amy from high school's little girl) were both in it also.

Pictures of the first Welcome Home Banners!! The stars were made using my new Stampin Up star punches in both the large and small size and then layering them.

Blake's school made posters to decorate the armory for when the soldiers came home...this was so sweet and they worked really hard on them.

I hope you've enjoyed the last few days of walking through some of my layouts...hopefully, I will get more consistent with my scrapbooking and have some to post each week. I tend to work in spurts.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great job you do Ginger! I really like the stars - such a nice touch.


mindi said...

The welcome home posters made me tear up - what lovely wonderful memories!!
I can't WAIT until that is us, and Kevin is home for good!!!
You are so talented at scrapbooking. I'll have to post some of my favs, but they're just not quite as creative as yours!

My Life With Boys said...

Looks great! I like scrapbooking- someday I'm going to get back into it. Oh, by the way...nope, I can't have soy either. Actually, I react even worse to soy than dairy. Sigh...they have allot of yummy looking soy products too. Oh well...