Monday, February 25, 2008

River Retreat (part 1)

River Retreat began on Thursday when I met up with Michelle at her house...we were supposed to leave at noon...but finally pulled out of town around 1:30pm, in the rain. We took her Tahoe, which I drove, and managed to run over her driveway curb (sorry Michelle...are you sure you want me to drive??) She was sure, so off we set on our weekend adventure. Of course we had to make a little pit stop in Searcy at a new scrapbook store that Kellie had told us about. They had some really cool papers....religious themes, heritage themes, sports of all kinds...I was in scrapper's delight! And, I hadn't even made it to Heber yet!!

We did finally reach Heber and the Lindsey Resort where Kellie already had our cabin waiting on us....cabin #27...3 years in a row! Memories. After a quick update on everyone's life...and I do mean quick...we only see each other a few times a year...we headed to town for supper and to meet up with our 4th and final cabin mate, Doylene, who travels the farthest of the four of us...all the way from the Sooner State...Oklahoma! We had a great first night catching was like a bunch of giddy high school girls at a pajama party. I guess we were all pretty wiped out, or at least I was, because I didn't even hear the hail that accompanied the rain AND snow! No, none of it stuck around, but really, how wild is that??

Friday morning...official retreat opens and we unload all of our supplies and get busy crankin' out those pages. I'm telling is creative chaos at it's best!!

Friday night brought great BBQ and the Dirty Scrap Game! We love this game and this year Jen didn't steal my gift...she promised...although I think she regretted that later! I ended up with a great camping album complete...just add pictures! How great is that?!
Saturday was more scrapping, more food, and less sleep!! We played a really neat game where we were in groups of 6-10. Each person got out a 12x12 piece of cardstock of their choosing and passed it to their left...that person added two 4x6 photo mats and passed it to the next person who added a journal block. It then passed to each person, each adding a different embellishment, until it reached its owner. So much fun! I was a little afraid of the results, but look! They turned out great!!!

Ok...that's enough for one day...I know you're wanting to see layouts, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow. If you just can't wait...check out Lisa's blog...she posted a couple of my layouts from this weekend.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like a ton of fun Ginger! It's nice to get away with old friends and enjoy life.

So glad you were able to go do this! Looking forward to the layouts! I am in awe of you scrapbookers!