Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Choose Life

Joshua was promoted to Heaven...leaving behind a legacy that far outreaches his brief life of over 2 months. He defied the odds.

Check out this video tribute...awesome!!

I can't imagine what would've happened had Matt & Susie chosen to end their pregnancy early. Think of all the lives that have been challenged and changed, that wouldn't have been. I know that I for one, have been forever changed!

In honor and memory of Joshua, I'll be participating in my first "Silent Siege" this Saturday in Little Rock as part of the Arkansas group of Bound4Life. We will be standing in the Gap for all the unborn babies that are never given a chance to have their voices heard. I can't think of a more fitting tribute.


mindi said...

Good for you - I'll check out the video at home!!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

The miracle of life is so simple in many ways , yet stories of this nature make all of us sit and think for a moment, with all that we thought we knew ,when our own children were born, in truth we can send a man to the moon, split the atom, even examine microscopic neutrinos eminating from our sun, and yet we know so little about the miraculous development of life in the womb. Its hard to imagine that anyone would elect to kill their unborn child not , even giving them a fighting chance. This little fella , and many more from what I just found on the web do have a fighting chance. And there are surgeries and other therapies post birth , that can aid them in getting back to where they need to be in their growth and development. I am very proud of the couple featured in this tribute and while I am sure the mourning of this loss will take some time, I hope they know they can take comfort that this child is with God , still innocent in His eyes, and that this child no longer has to worry about deformities or sickness , because he has a soul, which was given him by God , an eternal soul that will never again know a tear,or a pain.
My sincerest hope and prayer is that his parents will see, if they dont already, God has a plan, he allowed this to transpire for a reason, he didnt cause it. Perhaps he called this child home to spare him years of difficulty and suffering that no doctor or other peson could have known. Whatever the reason. In situations like this , it is Gods call as to who will live and who will not. Not any one person.
It may take days, it may take years, but God will reveal in His time, how Joshuas brief life made a difference and why. With abortion the reason is obvious and always the same, usually based on selfishness and being selfcentered, and most of all lack of faith in God, who has control in all things. If we let Him. The sad fact is people use God as an escape goat , saying that he caused the child to be malformed or underdeveloped in some way ,or he allowed the rape to happen, so I was forced to abort the child. What happens when the child is maybe born and lives to be ten years old... then tradgedy strikes and he/she is burnt and scarred severely ...for life???? Should one "abort their life" then too. Why not? Wouldnt want to see them suffer the rest of their life.... right? Its perfectly clear that abortion is all about the 'mother' and has no considerations or allowances for the child or Gods law. Which by the way is amazingly simplistic and black and white.... THOU SHALT NOT KILL! Not much grey area in that statement. Pretty cut and dried.
Yet somewhere along the line, certain factions of the free society we live in , have confused freedom with the right to commit murder. The afforementioned commandment from God kinda nips that ideal in the bud... but as the scriptures say, he who hath ears to hear, let him hear.
If the liberals in our country are going to continue condoning murder, one wonders how anxious people would be to have an abortion if they were given a local and were awake for the entire procedure, hearing the sometimes reported screams of their child as the saline acid solution slowly dissolves their tissues , so that their tiny arms and hands and legs etc, can be sucked into a vaccum bag that reads"bio-hazard". In truth, the sign that should have been set in the front yard of the 'medical' fascility doing the procedure.
Why am I so passionate and against this? For one, its against Gods law to kill and innocent child , whether he consist of a simple zygote, or is fully developed with the worst imagineable deformation.
For two, and my sis Ginger and hubby Q may want to sit for this one, my first wife aborted our child, it would have been her fourth. She had 3 from a previous marriage. Then after the abortion going sort of off the dates of certain events, the infidelity ensued, after seperating , she used our insurance at the time again to have a complete hysterectomy, before the divorce.
Only after moving to Tennessee did I learn of this. My ex told everyone that she had endomitriosis, including my mother. Complications from this is what she was telling me was the reason for the abortion, and the hysterectomy. As my former employer ended my insurance coverage, i was sent copies of all claims and bills etc. Did some investigating, and having learned that she had lost custody of her first 3 boys due to a prior Meth addiction. I checked the court records , and had someone do some checking at the area Hospital. Come to find out, my ex-wife had been court ordered not to have any more children. Theres a term for it. I cant remember. But in a nutshell , my firstborn child was murdered for her own selfishness. To this day my ex does not have custody of her boys, nor can she be alone with her new husbands children when he was deployed.
Why do I share this? Its not a gossip column... I wont tell you her name... but the point is even after all of this, God and his infinite mercies and teaching of compassion , are what allowed me to forgive and move on, to the wife and family God called me to have. But I will never know the smile, the touch, the cry, the tiny heartbeat of my first child. It was stolen from me , like a thief in the night. A scar that has taken years to heal, and was completely healed with Gods gift of a child born of my beloved wife now. So hopefully some may see that I have a somewhat unique insight on the cost of killing an unborn child. I guess this is why in part I love kids. I love teaching them and sometimes even breaking down and being a kid with them for a time. Every child no matter the age, has the right to life. God gave them that life, he can be the only one justified to take it. Just as he would be in taking yours or mine at any moment. Sis I think what your doing is a wonderful thing. It needs to be done, it has to be done, those babys have no voice, and can do little more than scream , and as we saw, by then the deed is done. My stepdaughter had a sticker on her wall , i kept it after she left and started a family of her own. It was a picture of a young Ocean Seal. The caption simply stated, Save the baby humans, stop abortion! Write your legislators, your district representatives, the govenor , whoever you can find that will listen, attend functions as best you can like the one Ginger is going to. Lets do what we can to get laws passed that make this a captial offense, a felony with mandatory jail time fines and whatever other punishment would suit the crime. If we were to go out and accidentally strike a child crossing the street from behind a parked car, its considered manslaughter. 8 to 50 years in Prison. If a 'doctor' willingly injects an unborn child with saline and caustic chemicals to essentially dissasemble the baby through a tube. They call it a choice. If you follow that reasoning through to conclusion, then 9/11 was a choice to. A choice by some guy named Bin Laden and his followers to do what? Commit Murder. There is one constant in this. God and the absence thereof. No where in the bible does he give permission to kill children due to birth defects or rape or any other myriad of excuses. He simply says. Dont kill!
I have written a book .. i know.. my heart goes out to those who would selfishly kill defensless children ,because scripture is clear, the lake of fire that was originally created for the devil and his angels will also be the destination of those who murder in cold blood. There is a choice here, it has nothing to do with abortion , noone has that right, the choice is a life or death scenario. God =life murder/sin=death , both are forever. In memory of the baby Joshua, I share with you all one of my favorite scriptures, and one that denotes choosing life, In the O.T. Book of Joshua... as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord...

I leave this thought with whomever has read this far....
Price of an automated wheelchair-12-1500 dollars.
Price of an pediatric asthma rescue inhaler ....50-300 dollars

giving birth to a living breathing being that has an eternal soul, with Gods angels always in their presence ..priceless!