Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning (living room)

Ok, I admit this room doesn't appear to be too bad (on the surface). It's the least used room in the house, so it stays relatively clean. However, there were a few stray items to put away and deep cleaning to be done.

This is Quentin's chair...his favorite place to be in the afternoon!

Lots of hugs & kisses take place right here...

As you can see, I love to have family photos everywhere!! They're the most important thing to me and I like to have their pictures displayed...not just studio portraits, but snapshots as well.

Here's what I did in this room;
*put away all the stray items
*dusted EVERYTHING!! Including plants
*sort & purge magazines
*straightened up DVD collection

*cleaned the basket of toys (I keep these on hand for my nephews and other little visitors we may have)

*cleaned inside windows, door, and all the glass
*wiped baseboards
*swept and mopped
*added a little fragrance to the room...Pottery Barn's Apple Cinnamon room freshener

Ta-da! Room complete! Hopefully, I'll be able to add a few more rooms today...the kids are at my moms and I'm trying to take advantage of the time by cleaning. (Rick, I know you think I clean too just to let you know...hubby and I did relax last night and watched a couple of movies on DVD)