Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shout Out!

We have been working on Mal's schedule for next year...her Junior Year!! Ouch, that hurts. Ok...proud mama moment coming...consider yourself warned...

After speaking to her counselor, this is what we know;
*she has a 3.52 GPA
*she is ranked 34th in her class...out of 210
*at her current schedule, she'll graduate from high school as a sophomore in college with 31 college hours received either by concurrent classes or AP classes

She has a tough schedule lined up for next year, but she'll do fine. We're still looking at different college options. She really would like to go to Baylor University in Texas, but may have to settle for the hometown Arkansas State. There are so many more scholarship options in-state. It's just crazy thinking that my little girl is getting so close to leaving my nest!


mindi said...

Sounds like you guys have a plan - wow, it is getting close for her to leave :)
Hang in there, I'm told you'll learn to love it :D

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Big changes are ahead, but with the great relationship you all have, I am sure will turn out awesome.


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well I know Mal is one of the sharpest young ladies, has a heart for God and capable of pretty much doing whatever it is she sets her mind to. I would not totally suggest that she just go to the military. But considering one of her passions is helping others, such as the hurricane and other natural disaster missions she has attened with the church group. And the severe lack of God fearing leaders in our military. I am sure with that GPA and the right introductions , she could apply and most likely recieve an appointment to the Air Force Academy, attend college and become an officer of considerable rank for her age. Putting herself in a position to select Search and Rescue , Cyber/Electronic Defense, and a host of other opportunities.
I know she and mom love the pageantry and competition and fun in that. But it is a possibility. Maybe even become a Nurse/Chaplain. Like I said not so much a recommendation, but there are all kinds of doors available ...God Bless you guys in seeking out and choosing the ones God has in store!

Rebecca said...

Wa-HOO! Sounds like you're entitled to a "shout-out"!

I'm amazed at how quickly the past few years have gone for me, too! I think that there's some sort of "age accelerator" that happens as soon as one child enters high school. They enter 9th grade in September, and it seems like by January they're planning their graduation. What's up with that???!

Anyway, blessings to your crew!