Thursday, April 24, 2008

View From My Front Porch

Every morning the first thing I do is look out my bedroom check the gas prices! Is this pathetic or what?? If this is a "slow down" in the economy, I don't even want to think what a recession would look like.


mindi said...

I am so with you - we're in trouble. I'm trying not to think about that :(

Scrapping Servant said...

LOL! That's too funny, I should show you the view from my front room window!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well i have to agree with some of the other bloggers. We are in trouble. But its of our own making. When the Democrats took the Congressional majority,our country has taken a nosedive on the domestic front and internationally. They took office with one goal. Debunk our President. Force him down whatever path, and then blame him when it all goes bad.
For those of us whom are sane ,thinking ,selfrespecting people , the word ashamed doesnt adequately express the feelings reguarding folks like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levin, the good old boys from Kennedy country and a few others.
Bush isnt perfect. Thats kinda a given since hes human. If we ignore the tree huggers and the liberals who would rather kill innocent human babies than drill for oil with a negligible risk to wildlife. Go Figure. We listen to the bickering during the campaigns in politics and it gets annoying. Frankly at this moment we have noone fit to lead our country , especially considering the Congress now in term. Back during the early and midterm of the deployment,my sis was involved in, I warned people of what and where we were headed if we followed the democratic lead. Well obviously I cant see the future, but here we are, my sis looking at $4 gallon gas outside the window of their home and all of us knee deep in a recession.As soon as we started pulling troops out Alquaeda started resurfacing in both countries over seas. More American GIS started getting injured or worse. All thanks to the Democratic leadership. And as if that wasnt enough, they spend countless millions investigating wild goose chases concerning both theatres in this war. Money that could have been spent here on other issues like social security and other key issues. It was a Democratic Clinton Administration that signed NAFTA and a few other items that makes Bushs foriegn policy with Mexico the only course he has . We had a Democratic majority congress when we lost Korea and Vietnam. We think 4-6k casulaties are just terrible numbers. And any loss of life is tragic. But in contrast Vietnam can be counted in 10's of thousands of American GIS Killed,wounded or became POW. If we get the government out of the business of our nations military Commanders and let them do there jobs, Al Quaeda would soon only be a distant memory in some history book.
Finally we have folks like Pelosi manipulating and contorting the word of God to fascilitate a political agenda that endorse a global warming resolution campaign. Global warming is natural. Our contributions as a race of beings may have sped it up. But its a natural occuring process . We dont have the power nor the technology to change it , only slow it back down to an acceptable pace.
Now this sounds like it might be depressing and all down and out. But its not. The Bible promises , God Promises... this to shall pass, plans for a future and a hope. We must place our faith there. Not in people. We have to laugh at things sometimes to keep it all in prospective. But at night when we lay our heads down, I think , now more than ever, our nation our military, our world is in the greatest need of prayer it has ever seen.