Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation Day 3/Day 4

Day 3;
This day didn't start out too great...I pulled a muscle in my low back unloading scrapbooking supplies out of JoAnn's car. Is that pathetic or what?! I was in pain most of the day. We went to WalMart for groceries and some instant heat for my back and then set up our stamping supplies on the porch.

I wasn't nearly as productive this day as I wanted to be, but the trip was really about relaxing, so I guess that's ok. It was so neat to sit on the porch, making cards, and watching people ski in the inlet...bliss.

The neighbor learning to water ski in the backyard...aka The Inlet

Campbell and Katie were wonderful hosts and made us dinner, a local favorite, "Frogmoor Stew"...aka "Low Country Boil." I really liked it and plan on preparing it for my family this week sometime...minus Mallorye (she's allergic to shell fish). It contains shrimp, summer sausage, corn, and potatoes...all prepared in one pot with crab boil and Old Bay seasoning. Spread some newspaper on the table and just throw it out there. Very messy. Serve with lots of napkins!!

Low Country Boil...yummy

After dinner, their oldest son Pierson, taught us how to tell a male crab from a female crab. Apparently males have a mark on the belly that resembles the Washington monument and females markings look more like the White House.

JoAnn, Pierson, and Hal (Katie's dad) checking the crab traps.

The night wouldn't have been complete without the evening thunderstorm.

Day 4;
I'm in more pain than yesterday and can barely walk, but it doesn't stop me from stamping!! We had planned to go to the beach this day, but thought we'd give my back one more day of rest and see how it felt.

Scrappin' and Stampin' on the porch

I made 40 birthday invitations for Mallorye's Sweet 16...crazy

JoAnn working away on her cute bucket

A group of kayakers that went by while we were stamping

Relaxing on the porch

Stay tuned for actual beach pictures...I promise...we did actually see the Ocean!

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