Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mallorye

Mommy and Mallorye on the day she was born

How is it that this little precious baby is turning 16 today? I'm nearly speechless and holding back tears, realizing how fleeting the moments are.

Daddy, Mommy, and Mallorye on her first trip across the state line to visit relatives in Tennessee...3 months old

16 Sweet Things About Mallorye;
* you are a lover of life
* you want to save the world (and I believe you will)
* you love to read
* you love "Army Wives" as much as I do
* you have a mischievous side that I love
* your patriotism runs deep
* you are brave...enduring painful tests throughout your youth, mission trips,
watching your dad go to war...the list goes on
* your competitive spirit
* you are a always want to give everyone gifts at holidays
* your infectious smile
* you're a great middle blocker in volleyball (I think this is your year!)
* you have an incredible talent for writing poetry
* you have your own style and you aren't afraid of it
* you know what you believe and are willing to defend those beliefs
* you love God...with everything in you!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl....we love you!


Kellie Gene said...

Happy Birthday, indeed!! Love those pics. Wow!! Look at your young self! Love you, friend.

Jenn said...

That was sweet, great pictures. Hope she had a nice birthday !

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Happy Sweet 16!