Monday, July 21, 2008

What I Saw

On my morning drive to work I noticed something different. The world seemed....brighter. I think it had more to do with my attitude, the simple fact that I took time this morning to stop and smell the notice things.

So, what did I see this morning?

...a woman mowing her yard, trying to beat the day's heat
...a young guy taking pride in his possessions, washing his truck older man taking a leisurely walk at the track
...a man jogging, obviously trying to stay fit and healthy
...a friendly wave from a passing motorist

I wondered about each of these peoples lives. Was it a hard life? Are they lovin' life? Do they need a friend? Do they wake up each day and give God praise?

Today I didn't just see things. I saw people.


John and Melissa Simmons said...

And to take it one step further.. do they even know God?

Its like the scriptures say sis, the rain falls on the just and the unjust, just as the sun shines in the same manner... it makes one wonder though when we see a sunrise and a sunset, knowing that these things are also shared with others by creation. How many know God? How many are saved?
One thing is for certain, our 'Great Commision' as Christians is not complete until we have brought the "good news" to the entire world. It is people who beleive as we do ; that our witness will be what leads many to Christ. The way the truth and the life.
A task not reserved just for Pastors or other church leaders, but a task set upon us all. To teach the Gospel unto every nation, to the Jew first, and unto the Gentile...
we will befriend many in our lives, some for a time, some for a lifetime, but if we can show them the friend we have in Jesus, everyone is guaranteed to have a best friend for eternity, the Lord will work to set friends in their path of this life to help them through ...been there done that. I know you sis are most likely a lifetime friend. And we both share Christ as a mutual eternal Saviour,friend. As do many others. If we are wondering about the condition of someones eternal soul , then I think you would agree, we have a calling to offer our lives and words as Testimony of being a Christian. We will teach the guy washing his truck , to lay his treasures up in heaven.
We will share with the guy at the track how to stay Spritually fit and prepared as taught in Eph6.
Sometimes people are discouraged because even scriptures teach that being a Christian, will most likely result in our persecution, and ultimately one day even to our physical death as beleivers. Being a Christian does not exonerate us from hardships, yet provides the best source of help and resolution for those hardships.
Even we as Christians falter at times on the proper praise and thanks we should be giving God. That is why scriptures say noone is good, not even one of us. But they also say that God gave his only son so that we could have eternal life. All he ask is that we love him, each other, and keep his commandments.
No greater gift can a man give than to lay down his life for a friend...indeed, God willing many will choose the path of Christ , our saviour our friend.

Angie said...

Short and sweet. What a wonderful post! This really struck me today, and I'm so glad you posted it.