Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To School 2008

I absolutely love the first day of kids...I'm sure would tell you that they do not. For me, it's a time when life gets back to routines and well, let's face it, I love me some routine...although today was anything but routine! (a couple of major upheavals in some friends lives that I won't even begin to go into right now...but know that everything is much better now!)

The morning didn't get quite the early start that I had planned, but we did manage to sit down at the breakfast table and have toast and fruit before everyone went their separate ways. Mallorye drove her and her brother to school for the first time this morning...I'm quite certain that Blake loves not having to ride the bus or walk to school.

Blake survived his first day of Jr. High and even got the homeroom teacher that he really wanted. He has 3 Pre-Ap classes (Math, Science, & History) this year which should keep him on his toes and he has most of his classes with his buddies.

Mallorye was just thankful that she didn't have homework tonight! She has a very tough course load this year...College Anatomy & Physiology (which I have to pay for, but much cheaper than taking it in college), AP US History, AP English, Trig/Pre-Calculus, Spanish II, Journalism, and Multimedia...I told you it was tough and that doesn't even take into consideration that she also has volleyball after school. Whew! Glad I'm not her!! LOL! Sr. High had Open House tonight, so I was able to meet all of her teachers and even catch up with some she had from last year.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good first day of school. Blake's Open House is tomorrow night and I think I'll have the kids guest blog at the end of the week...we'll see if I can con them into that.

Hope everyone had a great day back to normal life!


letters to elijah said...

I'm so looking forward to back to school and the structure that comes with it! Have to wait till Sept 2nd.

Ruth said...

Mmm... I'm usually pretty thankful for first day back at school! Mallorye sure has a tough load... I kinda remember what that is like! Hope it's a great term for you all!

Ruth xx

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Sounds like an auspicious start to the year!

stephgramling said...

Wow, Ginger, we're getting old aren't we :)'s hard to believe our kids are driving already! Tyler has his permit & gets his license in November, then he'll be driving himself to school :) Of course, I have mixed emotions about that...but I guess we have to let them grow up, don't we? Good to hear from you & I love your blog!