Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guest Blogger-Mallorye

This is one of my favorites from Mallorye's recent photo shoot for her 16th Birthday~you gotta love the attitude and personality in this shot!

Mallorye without the hair and!

AHHH!..that is how my first week was. I pretty much hate school, and all the work. It might be a little better if more of my friends were in my classes. Today was fun however, because we had assemblies all day for yearbook =)! We signed everybody's yearbook today <3> Ok..gotta run..I have a dance in 30 minutes and I have to get ready..bye ~~Mallorye

Definite Pageant Photogenic picture!

Love this! The old building in the background...the high heels...the Charlotte Russe ad quality.

Fredia did an amazing job on all of Mal's photos...very hard to choose just a few!

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mindi said...

She's beautiful!! Love the photos . . . hope you have a fantastic weekend!!