Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Learning Grace...

...the hard way!

Webster's defines grace as a virtue coming from God, lenient or compassionate treatment, something that implies compassion that forbears punishing even when justice demands it.

I've never been a very merciful person and just cannot understand this attitude of grace. Well, you know? God knows that. So, he sent me my very own life lesson on grace and man has it been tough!! I haven't arrived by no means, but I'm learning...sometimes we just have to offer forgiveness and extend grace, even when our heart cries out for justice...for something to make the pain you're feeling avenged.

I have no idea how this situation I'm facing will turn out, but I do know that for now...I offer grace.

"my grace is sufficient...."


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I get it, Ginger. I totally get it, and it isn't easy. It's easier to give if we've been the recipient ourselves...and we all have...but it's still very hard. Praying for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Simmons Family said...

Hey sis,
Well we are no strangers to adversity or challenge are we? Having chewed alot of the same perverbial'dirt' in life.

You have answered many of your own questions is this post. Was it justice being sought? Or was it vengeance? Perhaps both?

His grace is sufficient. And like everything else concerning God, his grace, his justice,his love,his mercies are perfect. Was it justice our hearts cried for , or was it vengeance? Scriptures tell us plain and simple,vengeance is His.

I am confident you know the difference , or as you stated , are learning the difference, as myself and many others have throughout our walk with Christ. In my own experiences , what I percieved that would be 'justice' was in Gods eyes considered vengeful. There a very fine line, precarious at best. But it sounds like you are finding your way just fine. Your surrounded by friends near and far, God topping the list. And you know as well as I, if he brings us to it, he will get us through it. All the best to you and yours for a great Thanksgiving! God Bless!Love you guys!

Kellie Gene said...

Oh sweet Ginger, my heart is with you. I am praying for you every step of the way. If this situation causes you to walk deeper with the Lord and grow in grace then so be it. Who am I to question the Lord's ways? I love you, my sweet, sweet friend!!

Mom said...

Sissy, you know deep in the depths of your soul that God has a reason for everything, even the things that hurt the most. Sometimes they hurt the most because they touch the most!They draw us closer to not only ourselves but to God. These are the lessons from Him that He wants us to learn the most, and as long as you are still learning He will keep teaching -each of us new lessons just as we teach our own children. Keep strong and continue to learn God's lessons. LYL & pray for you daily!