Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just Curious...

One thought rolling around in my head today....

....how long are we considered "post-deployment?" And when do we start feeling like a normal family again...a normal couple?

Ok, that was two thoughts, but hey who's counting?!

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Simmons Family said...

ok sis heres the deal with this. first off our languistics are so variable. Post deployment put simply is after deployment. nothing more nothing less.
Fact is war changes people families and life in general, before during and after. normal...is a relative term, ones view of normality changes from walk of life to the next.
Q saw things over there that will change the way he views many things in life. Thats just how it is, you and the kids experienced many things at home while Q was serving that will forver change the way you look at things.
I beleive the hope and the prayer here is that despite all of that, you come through the adversity, the unknowns, and the sleepless nights , having grown. God willing ending up better than normal when all is said and done. Things most likely will never go back to pre deployment status. Which in some cases may be good. It is a fact of life that you will learn to address and accept as a family. The deployment lasted about a year. But I tell you, Q marched out the same way he marched in, with his life ,his limbs, and his family, it is your combined faith that brought you through it all, and it will bring you to terms with being a family who has now served in a time of war . I dont know about being 'normal'. But i beleive you both will find a place that keeps things to a dull roar and in perspective.