Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls Night Out

There is nothing like hangin' out with your girlfriends for a little me time. This is starting to become a habit...and I'm definitely not complaining...This past weekend, Misty, Elisha, and myself went to Chilis for dinner and then back to Elisha's for some relaxin' and chattin.'

Elisha, Misty, and Me

Misty & Elisha...don't Misty look snazzy?!

Misty and I have been friends for a long time and know ...well...pretty much everything about one another. I love that. You know? The kind of friends that just know and you don't have to say alot...or you can spill your heart out and they still love you...That's the kind of friends we are and I am loving rekindling that friendship.

Elisha is a new friend and we are fast becoming inseparable. She's my workout buddy and my hangin' on the weekend buddy....we both serve on the Praise Team and the Women's Ministry. She's so honest and real and let's face it, today that's hard to come by. I also love her transparency.

I love girls night...and I love these girls!

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