Friday, June 19, 2009

Changing Winds

The winds are changing. Life is so full of twists and turns...just when you think you've got it figured out, you hit a roadblock...or a detour...

That's where we're at. A detour.

It looks like Q's Company will be deploying sooner, rather than later. Totally took us by surprise. So, we adjust. This will be our 2nd deployment, and while I'd like to think that I'll handle it better...I know it will be just as hard, just in different ways.

So, as I prepare for this turn of events, I covet your prayers.


kelliegene said...

Praying for you, my dear, dear friend.

(army)Wife said...

*Groan* I guess the silver lining is if it starts sooner than he'll be home sooner.

Yeah, I know...that doesn't really help.

mindi said...

Definitely in my prayers. God will be with you!

Simmons Family said...

Hey sis just wanted to stop in and share something with you. Back when I was going through my divorce and facing medical issues at the same time, a man I went to church with had given me a ride to church one Sunday. As I shared what was on my mind and in my heart. The guy patiently listened ,and being a person of sometimes few words. Didnt say much right at first. After church that day he was taking me home,and as he dropped me off he handed me a set of books I still have to this day. They were a small paperback set called "The seasons of change in a mans life."
We prayed breifly , and before parting company , he said , hey man you know, God promises this too shall pass. Told me if ever I ever needed anything ,to let him know. Now for the life of me I dont remember if the books were a loan, a gift or what. One of the side effects of some meds I was taking effected my memory severely. Its taken me years to get it back and some things may never return fully. I have wondered from time to time. But I do know I kept them right next to my bible and have been through them several times, and even shared them with my oldest stepson Josh, when his lifes path took a few wrong turns. I know what the man said to me was true and heartfelt. Hindsight is always 20/20.
Sis , that man, my friend, was Quentin Bales, your husband. One of the better friends I ever made.

This too shall pass sis. I promise you, better yet God promises.

I dont beleive God brings people into ones life to simply take them out. I certainly dont beleive Q to be an exception to that understanding.

I beleive with all my heart that you and Q will most likely grow old together, having weathered all that you both have and are working through, things even now ,including this new deployment. So many could benefit from the witness you both share.

As for the kids, for every ball game or graduation or prom night dad may miss, there will be a wedding or childbirth in the years to come he wont. Because he worked hard at his job to accomplish today what we as a nation cant wait to accomplish in order to secure that future has the best possible chance of being; from a human standpoint. The grandkids will be in a safer country, the daughter and son whom he loves so much will be able to shop or attend a church camp without fear of oppression or terrorism.
The world wont be made perfect because of what he does or doesnt do as a soldier or as a military team member. But they will make a difference. And a soldiers family is the primary driving force behind their success, ranking right up there with God and country themselves.
Sis we rekindled a friendship with the last deployment , walked through that fire in the end, very much together as brother and sister in Christ seperated only by geography and miles on some map. You and Q already know I tend to be a bit over-protective.LOL But I also know if the shoe was on the other foot. I could depend on Q and you in the same fashion. Theres something to be said for true friends ,whom became friends , practically family, because the Lord God is Lord of their lives.

In short , we will git r did again. and I beleive God to be gracious and wholesome in his promises. His plans are for good not disaster, for a future and a hope. You know this sis, and now once again we have to put our faith where our mouth is and live it...all of our prayers our hopes,our dreams, our love ,from our family to yours...sis if you need anything Melissa and I are here for you...same goes for Blake and Mal...and Q! Love you guys! Stay focused , we will be there soon as well....