Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schools In Sessoin

Yes, that's right. School is back in full swing...and while I would love to share with you the fabulous first day pictures, I cannot. Why? Because my SD Card apparently is bad...according to my computer...and I have no idea how to get those pictures off of that SD Card. (if anyone knows I would be forever indebted) how'd the first day go?

Great. Well, for the most part. Everyone got up on time, out the door on time, to school on time...all major accomplishments.

Mallorye got to make a grand entrance with her class to the "classic" song "Ice Ice Baby"...these Seniors...I tell ya, they are crazy! I still can't believe this is her last year. I think she was feeling a little nostalgic...I know I was. I think the only "mishap" of the day was that somehow she was in Boys Choir and had to get that changed, which ended up knocking her out of College Algebra and into AP Calculus...she's none too happy about that.

Blake insisted on arriving at school at 7:20am and was really excited. As an 8th grader this year, he's top dog in his! His "mishap" was leaving his gym bag at school...somewhere...he couldn't remember where...ugh~boys!

It's been crazy always...and already my calendar is filling up with parties and ballgames and teacher conferences and..and...and...but I love it. I love being a mom and being busy with and for my kids. Too soon these days will be gone and I'll be staring at a blank calendar wishing for something to fill my days. But for now, I'll sleep little, drive much, laugh often, and love always.

Hopefully, one of you will send me a solution to my SD Card problem and I'll post pictures with the kids version of the first week....until then...

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mindi said...

Wow - you are one busy lady :) I will look up a remedy for the SD card (I KNOW there is something) and get back to you!
Hang in there - you're very tough and I'm praying for you all.